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Handgun scope or red dot sight

I am planning to put some type of optics on my new ppq Q4. I have never used anything other than open sights on a handgun. I plan on using some of the removable rings so I can take the optical sight off when I want to use my regular sights. I need some input on which is the best type of red dot sight, regular handgun scope or red dot sight. Thanks for any guidance.

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since no guru has answered you yet, I will just say this:

I have a Q5 LE and have changed the sights that came with it. However, all my shooting will be up to 25 yds, so no need for a scope. All my red dot equipped rifles have been a problem for me, as the dot has become a flare with my bad eyes, no matter what eyeglass I use

In short, try em and use whats best for your particular situation

BUT beware, I am NOT a guru on this

Good luck...sorry youve had no answers after all this time
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For a 4" Q I personally wouldn't consider any optic other than an RMR. If you need the magnification of a scope I would use a different gun.
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