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surrealone 10-23-2018 09:05 PM

Since there aren't any night-stand safes (of which I know) that readily accommodate a 12ga shotgun, I took a different approach.

Meet the ShotLock. Think about the sort of thing LEOs use to lock their shotguns up in their cars, and you've got the right idea:

spin40 02-04-2019 10:24 AM

I use a Hornady Rapid Safe which I keep on the floor under the nightstand. I would not feel safe with it being the only line of defense against a nighttime intruder.

I have layers of security an intruder would have to bust through to get to my bedroom. It starts with exterior lighting on motion sensors and interior lights to mimic a TV along with nightlights in the hallway leading to the MBR and a motion sensor nightlight just inside the MBR. The exterior door locks have been upgraded with extended bolts and larger strike plates with 3 inch screws. I always close the window shutters and blinds before retiring. I have the Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar on the MBR door to the hallway and another on the door to the deck.

I take my daytime carry gun into the bedroom along with my cell phone, bar the doors, and unlock my gun safe before retiring.

In the event of an intrusion, the first thing I do is roll out of bed. Then, if the intruder hasn't breached the door, I call 911 and keep them on the phone so there is a recording of events for court.

I'll get around to waking the wife if the intruder's actions haven't done so yet, hand her my carry gun as she heads for the master bath and hides in the whirlpool bath.

Now, I take the gun from the Hornady Rapid Safe, issue verbal warnings to the intruder that I am armed, chat with the police dispatcher, and wait.

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