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leadcounsel 02-03-2020 11:20 PM

$30 Bates military boots 9"
Found a deal I'm wanting to pass along. I bought 2 pair and was thrilled. Then I bought 4 more, and after inspection, decided to hoard 3 more pair for a total of 9 pair. I like to have good quality gear on hand, obviously. You should set back several pairs of boots. Good boots are very important.

Finding quality low priced boots is a challenge. When I do find quality products of any type, I tend to set back extras. Boots are something I keep a lot of pairs of. Good healthy feet are very important.

I found these Bates boots. Bates is a high quality boot maker, and provide military boots to our GIs. I had some Bates in the service and know their high standards.

I found these discounted to only $30. That's a steal. They're normally over $100 and everywhere else I've seen them they are between $110 to $150. These are hot weather boots, with water drainage holes, NOT water proof. No shanks. VERY comfortable. Very rugged and durable feeling.
They have limited sizes however.


Ordering clothing and boots/shoes online is a fitment challenge. Military boots are NOTORIOUSLY not sized correctly. I took a gamble.

I normally wear 11W to 11.5 running shoes. [My normal military boot size is as low as 9.5 to 11 and each company is somewhere between, hence the challenge]. I ordered 2 pair of 11.5 standard width and they are a perfect fitment. Very high quality and comfortable. Wearing them around the house now to break in. VERY IMPRESSED for thirty dollars. So I quickly ordered 4 more pair.

I would go with your typical running shoe size from Nike, Adidas, etc. or maybe go 1/2 size larger. Hopefully they have your size!

If you've read this far, as a bonus I found two different coupon codes that worked for me.
10% off code: textlapg10
If that fails use 5% off code lapg or lapg5

[IF you cannot find your size, they also have a few closeout house brand boots for $30 or $40 each, but I have no opinion on those.]


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