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Ok, dumb question - why? Why this question? I've been carrying a Bersa 380 cc and have recently switched to a RM380. What ammo do I use? Whatever the heck works. Why is this even a question? Which brands of ammunition are available and which ones play well with your gun? How simple is that? I could suggest the best cartridge ever, but if it won't work in your gun and you can't buy it, what's the point? My little Remington eats anything and everything I feed it. Bottom line for me is to buy the best ammo, it'll work, and the price differential is minimal.
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We're not taking about taking down a bear or moose. 380 FMJ round nose in 95 grain. Look over countless ballistic tests out there on the 380, or for that matter the 32. If your sold on sub atomic bullets that will take out an engine block, so be it. Think about what your using and it's intended purpose. One shot of standard 380 could incapacitate anyone. And it might take ten shots. Same with 38, 357, 9, 40, 45, 10 etc. etc. There are countless versions of every type of ammo out there. Do your homework, look at data and testing and choose for yourself. Just because it's expensive and comes with a pretty box and promises nuclear capabilities, doesn't mean it will perform any better.
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I'll try to revive an old thread here, since it's been of interest personally.
I ran Gold Dots in my .380s (Ruger LCP and G42) for the dual reasons that they ran reliably in both guns and had a decent reputation for penetration with some expansion.
Two more things complicated things; the Gold Dots are always hard to find in .380, and some tests have shown the Hornady XTP to have an even better rep for penetration and some expansion.
The good news for the Ruger and the Glock is the default setting; both seem to eat about anything.
I'll want to chrono some of the XTPs, but they did not seem to be hard to control, and didn't make excess muzzle flash.
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Originally Posted by eddbrowne View Post
Let me answer based on what I think reasonable 380 terminal
performance might be through barriers.
Testing of direct impacts through denim and gelatin is only for
comparisons and simple situations.
For me, neglecting worst-cases, minimum penetration for a 380 from 5 feet might be:

1. If a bullet hits at a 20 deg slant, it passes through a leather coat,
and a rib, and 9'' of soft tissue.

2. If a bullet hits at a 10 degree slant, it passes through a leather coat,
then a sternum, then 7'' of soft tissue.

3. With a 10 degree slant, it passes through auto door glass,
then a leather coat, and a rib, and 4'' of soft tissue.

These conditions are tweaked since I'm satisfied with an 85 pct chance
of ending perp aggression with one "accurate" bullet, and 95 pct for
two accurate bullets.
Preparing for the worst cases is expensive and troublesome,
and rarely necessary.

Since such test results are not available, I maximize 380 penetration
with fmj (or "hard cast"). My testing in dried poplar is only a rough
indicator for 380 fmj. (2.9" penetration along the grain)

Yes, a bullet could pass through a perp (at a low velocity);
but it could miss with a high velocity. The fewer shots fired, the better.
An expander that penetrates a barrier and 2'' of soft tissue
means more shots, if you have that chance.

Thanks mate! It helps me!
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Old 12-31-2018, 10:32 AM   #55
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jkv45 .22
Here's what looks to be some current (2016) basic info on different .380 rounds -

Best 380 Auto Ammo | Hendon Publishing
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Old 12-31-2018, 10:44 AM   #56
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PPU .380 practice ammo consistently fails to cycle my Glock 42 although works reliably in my pre-ban PPK, FEG PA63, and formerly owned Astra Constable. Dunno. I've been carrying Buffalo Bore which seems to work fine in the G42 - I don't plan to try it in the PPK or PA63, however.
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Throw the entire pistol at them...it's about as effective

My vote is for Winchester PDX1.

Or a 9mm, preferably (at least)..
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.380 ACP self-defense ammo selection depends on what the user deems most important. Frankly, I tend to look for round expansion and penetration rather than velocity.

I like to check the following site for their ballistic test results before making any ammo purchase...


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Just a thought. The .380 is a marginal defensive round. My daughter in law is petite but once she shot my son's S&W Shield in 9mm Parabellum it went into her purse .
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