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It's New Tools Day

Seems like every new piece of gear I buy requires a different wrench or tool to either mount it, disassemble it, or adjust it. The manufacturers are pretty good about including a required tool with their products but once these little gems go into the black hole of the range bag, good luck finding the one you need quickly.

Since everything now seems to be either hex or torx, I just gave up and bought these as a set from Amazon.


Gives me a full range of hex SAE, hex metric, and torx in 3 color coded tools.Only downside is that the tools include large sizes I won't use much and the larger sizes add weight. I'll take the weight versus having to empty the bag looking for the 1.5mm hex key to adjust a sight. Well under $20 for the set.

Got a bunch of multitools but really only ever seem to need a good knife so I also ordered this. A CRKT Fulcrum 2.


Don't much care for all the "tactical" crap, not planning on parachuting into Kabul or joining the SWAT team, just want to cut stuff, so the civilian elegance appealed to me.

It does have a unique one hand open-close designed by Russ Kommer for CRKT.


To open, you push down on the right side scale and the blade pops out about halfway. Pull up on the scale and the blade opens fully and locks up with zero play. Once you do it a couple times, it becomes instinctive and very fast. I went with the full size but they offer a Compact model as well.
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