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El Sid .22
Trap guns are the most compromised of the shotguns for sport.
Large stocks with a flat comb, long barrels with wide ribs and mid beads being popular. Usually designed to put 70% or more of the pattern above the aiming point. Heavy.
If you really get into the game - the price of the gun is incidental and $14,000 is about the starting point for Krieghoff or Perazzi unsingles (34” under-barrel only on an O/U frame) although the KX-6 is half the price. You will spend far more on your memberships, ammo, and entry fees plus travel. But the gun will retain most of its value.
If you are new to the game, I would recommend a quality sporting O/U in the $2,500+ range and get it fitted and pass through the clay to get the shot rise, or get an adjustable rib. A moleskin comb pad can make up for its taper and recoil reducers can make the gun heavier and keep you from getting punch drunk or flinching after 300 rounds at the 27 yard line.
I couldn’t afford a dedicated trap gun and bought a 30” Browning 425 Sporting 20 years ago and it has served well at trap, and now sporting clays with a little skeet thrown in as well. Worth more now than when I bought it too.
I do have a purpose-built Beretta Trap-Special I bought for $150 20 years ago too - but it is very similar to an H&R Topper and definitely a budget 1960’s period piece
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chandler5566 .22
One of the great trap champions used the Rem 870.
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El Sid .22
I agree that you do not need a fancy gun to shoot the game. You just bring whatever you have that is kosher for your range - I even like to shoot ‘inappropriate’ guns
A regular Remington 870 is a great gun - although the home defense 18” cylinder choke gun isn’t totally germane to the game.
Rudy’s famous Remington 870 is a dedicated trap gun with a big stock with Monte Carlo comb, high rib custom barrel to give proper high pattern, and a Timney trigger. Remington has a trap model 870 available, but MSRP is over $1100.
Flying targets that explode when hit are so much fun - you will want a sporting gun. Show up with any kind of gun and see what others are shooting. I know I always bring an extra gun and am glad to let someone try it out with their factory ammo.
Go shoot first - borrow a gun - ask a friend... You won’t really know what you want until you try a few.
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