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Originally Posted by Edgeman View Post
Originally Posted by ActionExpress View Post
I try to catch the races, was hoping Haas would have built off of what they accomplished last season, but that hasn't happened.
I think Haas needs to pull someone from Ferrari's chassis development team to help with their future car builds. I'm really disappointed in how their season has progressed. I thought they had promise earlier in the season, but they have only slid backwards down to Williams. McLaren, on the other hand, have significantly improved this season.
Nailed it. Feel the same way.
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I used to. Around early to mid 2000's
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Not anymore

Here in the States, NBC used to have what I thought was a terrific coverage team of an Aussie and two Brits - Leigh Diffey, David Hobbs, and Steve Matchett. This trio were worth watching for their insightful coverage even if the races were a snooze. Diffey started out slow, but had worked on his vocal presentation skills and is now famed for covering many racing and Olympic events. I had the good fortune to have had a few beers with this trio at a bar in Pennsylvania, and Leigh Diffey is outgoing, friendly, and personable. David Hobbs is simply a greater than life character and wonderful to talk to. Steve Machett is a bit more reserved but none the less personable.

Then F1 was sold to an American billionaire and Liberty Media Corporation, who essentially GAVE the US viewing rights to ESPN. ESPN didn't want to put any money into coverage so they simply re-air the SKY F1 feed from the UK. The SKY coverage team, for the most part, are simply terrible. It all revolves around some dude name Crofty, and is full of insider jokes and comments. Nearly all the commentators simply never learned how to modulate their voices and desperately need voice lessons. Paula di Eesta's accent, when he's excited is nearly incomprehensible to someone not from the British Isles. The only commentators I can enjoy listening to are Jensen Button and Nico Rosberg. The rest are like listening to some half drunk commentaries from a bar full of people watching sports on TV. Sort of Benny Hill meets Manchester United.

I even tried subscribing to the pay online service, but that was just lots more of the same tiring garbage.

The absolute worst part is the very start of the race when 'Crofty' starts squealing like a teen aged girl at a Beatles concert. I started to watch with the sound turned off, but now just skip the whole thing.
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