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Attention - Password and Security Update

Hey all,

Over the next few days we will be implementing some changes to our forum password strength and password expiration policies. To make sure you continue having the best experience possible on the community, we regularly monitor the site and the Internet to keep everyone's account information safe. We've recently become aware of a potential risk to some accounts coming from outside of this community. Just to be safe, we are implementing the following changes to improve security even further:

1) We are asking everyone to change their passwords (and will force a one time reset). Along with every user on the forum, new passwords will need to be more complex, and can't be simple words (sorry, you can't have "fluffy" as your password anymore!). Please use a password unique to this community. Reusing passwords can expose your account indirectly when other websites (Twitter, Linkedin, Badoo, etc) are compromised; and

2) Your passwords will expire on a 365 day basis. When you login on the 366th day, you will have to change it.

We'll also be sending out an email to users to let them know about the changes, in upcoming weeks.

Thanks all,


Community Management
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Bye-bye to your advertising dollars.
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And so it begins....

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I fail to see an overriding conspiracy here on the part of new ownership. But please enlighten me, along with other forum members, if you know something that the rest of us don't. Thanks in advance.
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I don't see anyone proposing a conspiracy. But personally, I consider such onerous rotating password policies as silly and counterproductive on a non-commercial forum discussion site, and absolutely unique among the several discussion forums in which I participate. I agree, it will likely curtail membership.

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What is the problem with creating stronger passwords and change passwords more frequently?
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It's an inconvenient and unnecessary annoyance.

What's the upside?
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Oh, for goodness sake... Let's assume that the security of my account on this forum is not of the utmost importance to me because I have no sensitive information tied to it and in the event that the lamest hacker in the world wanted to break into my account for whatever reason, I could simply make another and continue posting as though nothing ever happened.
If such were the case, (and it is) then what would be the consequences of my failure to comply to this security update?

I have enough complex passwords to remember as it is and don't care enough about this account to worry about it being hijacked, so I'll be keeping my simple, insecure password.
I can see how donors with credit card information tied to their accounts would appreciate tighter security, but I'm not a donor, nor do I ever plan on becoming one, and personally feel that my simple password is more than adequate to protect me from the legions of hackers who apparently seek to hijack the accounts of random forumgoers such as myself.
Hell, if anything, your tighter security may make my account so ultra-secure that not even I can get into it because I can't remember whatever ridiculous 16-digit password with at least 3 numbers and capital letters you forced me to unnecessarily adopt!

I refuse!
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Hey all,

We're not trying to make your lives more difficult, just trying to be proactive and help you to keep your information safe. While you may not have personal information like credit card numbers stored here, you do have your email address, and if you're one of the many, many online users that uses the same password and email across a variety of your accounts, you've put yourself at risk.

We've been receiving some great suggestions for some easy to remember passwords that can be tweaked to meet the criteria we'll be sending down. Some suggest using four random dictionary words like the xkcd comic correcthorsebatterystaple, or use the first letters in the words of your favourite nursery rhyme "(M)ary (H)ad (A) (L)ittle (L)amb (I)ts (F)leece (W)as (W)hite (A)s (S)now." Then you can alter it to be at least 10 characters in length, and include at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number and 1 special character as will be required.

Thanks everyone.

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I'd rather go with 'body part' recognition. There, I just scanned mine in.
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