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Again, it's not "ads" as such that pop up, it's a member/being here that makes posts.

I HAVE the ads shut down with adblock, however, that doesn't work with posters.....and this one can't be put on ignore because it has been granted moderator status.

These people that run forums....they do it as an income, and that's perfectly fine.

Be that as it may, however, I come here to read about Walther guns, not to see posts about random non Walther stuff.

And again, I see there's zero admin response to this.
"Oh, you don't like guns? You probably won't like me either, then, and I'm perfectly okay with that.."
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Actually post #2 is from an Admin... Your best bet is to open a nice bottle of Sirah and ignore the gun.deals posts. They do get annoying...

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