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The hardest part of getting some of my customers to explain the problem to me is to have them get to the point.

I don't need to know that they were on their way to see their cousin because his daughter graduated from the community college and we stopped for a Dairy Queen shake on the way and... yadda yadda...

The facts ma'am, just the facts.

After all these years I should know better.
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Know what you mean.

I used to work for AR15 company, and I would have to deal with the malfunctioning returns. If the customer sent a description of the problem with their gun, it was usually vague at best, and just like when I was in the U.S. Army doing weapons repair. "WON'T FEED. WON'T FIRE.'

Can't fix stupid.-Ron White
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It's a ubiquitous problem. I have had lots of jobs over the many decades and quite a few involved problem resolution. The Id ten "T" issue was the common factor among them all.

One of the most memorable was while I was selling and servicing the early business computers. One of our clients was a bank and their printer stopped working yet again in payroll. No one was very happy.

"Get over here and fix it and don't tell me to see if it's plugged in. We need it NOW!"

Well, this was about the fifth time that the printer had stopped working and in every case the issue had been that it was unplugged from the wall. But out I go, and I'm greeted by the bank manager who welcomes me with "And don't just push some button and expect us to pay for a service call!"

A quick look at the lights on the printer and sure enough, the problem is No Power. Plug sitting on floor at the base of the machine. I call the manage over and point at the plug and was told "It wasn't there before you got here!"

So plug it back in and suggest that maybe they should move the printer in front of the outlet so it does not get unplugged again but was informed that they needed to get to the outlet to charge their pagers.

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My favorite is a note in the box that says "Repair as needed."

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Happened to re-read this with the new posts, and was reminded of a late hunting buddy's response to the cause of all malfunctions: "The part that makes it work is broken."
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Originally Posted by halfmoonclip View Post
"The part that makes it work is broken."
That's what I said to my urologist.
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-- the absence of info sometimes is, itself, revealing and often leads to very basic causes/fixes: ammo; maintenance; improper assembly (recoil spring), etc.
-- more seasoned gun owners and/or forum members know what info to provide. less seasoned owners and/or forum members will always need to be prompted and once they are "mentored" they will be replaced by others needing mentoring.
-- asking for help while at the same time declaring what the problem is NOT, often delays isolating the root cause.
-- finally, a common false assumption is to believe that all Walther pistol models within a given variant (ZM / Ulm / IA / S&W / FS) have the same reliability (or lack of.)
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