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Talking PPQ .40 S&W M1

Good Day, Newbie to this forum.
Owner of PPQ M1 .40 S&W and I love it. Trying to decide if I'm going to sell it or my S&W M&P 9mm.... Prior to making the decision I thought I'd get some input on the M1 and its value on the market as I don't see many out there for sale. This presents as either a potential collectible or an avoidance issue. Does anyone see this as escalating in value due to the lack of a .40 Classic? I've had absolutely none of the feed problems that have been reported. Any input and constructive information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Hello RJC. I've got a few of those PPQ M1 40's. Yep, Walther, as far as I know, isn't importing the PPQ M1 40 anymore....only the M1 9mm and M2 in both calibers. So yes, you don't see them for sale very often, but, it seems as though there's not much demand for the 40 caliber either right now. Will it be collectible someday.....I pretty much doubt it.

I've got one of my PPQ M1 40 set up with a Bar-sto .357 Sig barrel. I recently ordered a 9mm conversion barrel from Jarvis. Can slip this into one of my M1 40's and throw some 9mm down range. Here's a link to the Jarvis conversion barrel Walther .40S&W to 9mm Conversion | Jarvis, Inc.

I'd say sell your M&P 9mm and pick up a Jarvis 9mm conversion barrel. You can get one threaded too.
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imaoldfart has it right, not much interest in this platform in the .40 as that round is finally dying off it seems. Probably easy to sell as someone will want it but doubt it'll ever have collector value.

Because you can sell it and likely find someone willing to give you close to new price I would personally do that and then with the current $100 off promotion buy an M1 in 9mm so you have the mags and with luck come out cheaper than doing a conversion and buying mags. Unless you want to be able to run .40 for some reason.
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