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ThomasDN .22
Hello guys,

I'm about to order a PPQ M2 5". However living in Europe I find it hard to get my hands on good sights (dawson, 10-8,...). I could order sights from Italy (LPA Sights). However they are advertised as fitting the S&W SW 99 and WALTHER P99. I contacted the producer and they couldn't tell me if they would fit a PPQ M2. From what I've been reading a P99 sight should fit the PPQ M2. But I'm just looking for confirmation before having them shipped.

Sights i'm talking about are these: http://www.lpasights.com/en/products...category_id=29

Or does anyone have any experience with importing Dawson 10-8 sights to Europe? Since the LPA sights would stick out very badly at back of the gun.

Thanks in advance for your reply!

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The PPQ, P99, and SW99 series all have the same dovetails.

I don't see any reason those wouldn't work.
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olsoul .22
Any sights that fit a Walther P99 will fit a Q...
as to importing a set of sights, you'd need to do a bit of leg work and find out if the sights you want can be legally imported to your country from a private individual.

After that it is a simple matter of finding a buyer and determining the best method of completing the transaction. Consider you'll be paying not only the price of the sights plus shipping and any other fees the US individual deems necessary to complete the transaction (it might also be kind of you to determine if a private individual is permitted to ship your preferred sights to your country).

If it is legal to do this expect a moderate wait before you receive the sights.
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ThomasDN .22
So what you are saying is that i could indeed contact an individual/private person in the US to buy these sights for me from 10-8 and have them shipped to me if i can prove i am allowed to import them into my country? Ofc paying the guy a fee for the trouble and paying the sights upfront? So you are sure the US resident wouldn't get in trouble for shipping a sight? Gunlaws where i live allow you to import parts that are non-essential to the firing mechanism. But i am ofc willing to provide a link to a governement site if that's what it took.

I contacted Brownells in the UK and asked them if they could place a special order for me since they don't have them listed. Even Brownells in Europe only ship within their own country due to complex laws of some European countries. But i have family in the UK that could place the order.

I was also looking at the Trijicon HD sights. But since they arn't really target sights the POA would be too high for my liking. And you cannot order front and rear seperate it seems.

It will be april/may by the time i can pick the gun up. So it wouldn't really bother me if any of this took some time. I'm just looking for a quality result.
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Jonathanmanopla .22
hi to everyone

i install a set of Mepro night sight on my P99, Automatically my shots over 6meters, go Up , If i need to change the front sight wich brand and Size did you recommend me
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Dukes4aces .22
Hey Johnathan,. The Mepros (18801)brought my point of impact up for both my P99c and PPQ . I (BAD technique) shoot low and to the left, that said there should be some threads buried on the Walther forum. I did find this...it shows the site picture
Good luck.

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Cross .22
Here are some height measurements I made in inches. The higher the R/F ratio, the higher the point of impact. The sights that most closely match the factory Walther height ratios are Meprolight ML-18800 (discontinued), Dawson and 10-8 Performance. Note that the latter two are the same heights as the Walther plastic sights.

Walther Plastic 0.178 0.315 1.77
ML-18800 0.193 0.335 1.74
ML-18801 0.163 0.335 2.06
ML-18802 0.162 0.295 1.82
Daw/10-8 0.180 0.315 1.75
Trij HD 0.215 0.341 1.59
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katie5805 .22
Thumbs up Best replacement sights for PPQ m2 9mm

I am new member, and maybe It is in here somewhere....but could some of you comment on how bad the factory sights are(have heard they are not so good).....and what replacement sights you have installed and liked....I put Dawson Precision sights-black rear and green fiber optic front on my CZ P 01 and like them very much.

thanks...and again glad to be here and looking forward to getting my PPQ on Tuesday.
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