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^^^^^I don't remember what size punches I used....I simply used the one that fit. Personally, I like using these to get the pin moving and not flub up the pistol or pin Grace 7pc Gunsmith Gun Care Short Roll Spring Pin Punch Set Made in USA Starter | eBay Once the pin has started moving, you can switch to a longer punch....like this Grace USA 7pc Gunsmith Gun Care Roll Spring Pin Punch Set Made in USA Machinist | eBay If you look closely, you'll see a little 'ball' on the end of the punches....this ball, centers the punch on the roll pin.

If you're working with 'solid' pins, you'll need a set of punches like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/131338077498...%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

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I have lifted up on the slide lock lever and hit it hard with a punch and mine won't move at all...I am confident that I have follow the exact procedure outlined throughout this thread as I have read and re-read each comment many times now. I am not sure what would be preventing it from popping loose....not sure what to try next.....

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Be very careful or you'll end up having to buy a new frame. I wasn't careful.

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Great job on the photos they are very informative, well done and could make the difference on those times we just forget for sure how something goes. Thank You!!
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Are these photos hosted anywhere else? This thread isn't helpful at the moment.
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Originally Posted by ZCP M3 View Post
Are these photos hosted anywhere else? This thread isn't helpful at the moment.
I'll check one of my old servers I may have them stored there. It is a slim chance but it would be helpful.

If not Fart might be inclined to spend the time to do a full step-by-step...
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