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Old 08-08-2012, 08:27 PM   #41
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Blaaam .22
I had a couple of issues with the slide not locking back on the last round but adjusted my high thumb grip and after ~1,023 rounds it's nothing but reliable, accurate and fun.
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Old 08-11-2012, 11:38 PM   #42
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KOT .22
If you using original mags and it is clean and lubricated (not over lubricated) and it still does it, send it back to manufacturer to fix the problem. Walther guarantee their products free of defects for life!
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Old 08-30-2012, 06:04 PM   #43
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Acmagnum1 .22
I agree with the other guys, it could be user induced, I had the same problem when I shot my PPQ and my HK-45, I would hit the slide release by accident based on the grip I was using with both pistols, they have similar slide release's. Practice, train you can fix this.
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Old 09-07-2012, 02:51 PM   #44
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Funmobile .22
Mine actually malfunctioned Tuesday. While in the middle of some speed drills, the slide didn't lock back and I pulled the trigger for a click. lucky for me, this was at the end of the day. Once I cleaned & inspected it, the tab on the slide lever that contacts the follower on the magazine, broke off. I don't know how it happened. It's on it's way to Springfield for repairs. I really love this gun and the next 4weeks are going to be a year for me.

As a side note, the range master kept calling it "The Cadillac" and stated I should be blindfolded because the gun can shoot itself.
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Old 11-04-2012, 02:18 PM   #45
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JustWhistle .22
Originally Posted by PPQ9Gunner View Post
Geez. Seems like there is a new problem with the PPQ every day I check back on these forums. Makes worry if I bought a quality gun or a $500 piece of garbage?
I agree, PPQ9Gunner. You should just get rid of it before you have all these problems with a $500 piece of garbage. PM me and I will take it off your hands for a hundred bucks cash and save you any grief.
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Old 06-02-2016, 03:45 PM   #46
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Dominator .22
Its your thumb for sure. This happened to me on my first outing this weekend. I am use to placing on my on the side of the handle. Seeing that I am a glock guy as well, I have never had such a large slide release. Even if you rest your thumb it, it will not lock back after the last round is fired.

I now angle my support hand thumb away from the frame to allow it to slide up and lock the slide when needed.
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