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Yes, it's sure to be a hit and draw a lot of posts 98 69.01%
No, it's close enough to a P99 we can use the current forum 21 14.79%
Sorta. Just rename the current section to say "P99/PPQ" 23 16.20%
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hmott3, in defense of all who disagreed with the decision for Walther to release the PPQ, most of them already owned the P99, and if you already owned a P99, you probably wouldn't think of the PPQ as that much of an improvement.

I think the PPQ is one of the best polymer pistols out there, that combines one of the best grips with one of the best triggers on a polymer pistol. But the only reason the PPQ is so great, is because it copies so much from the P99.

I felt the same way about the P99 when I discovered it, as most of the guys that are coming to the PPQ now, and while the grip on the PPQ feels a little better than the P99 grip, I don't consider the PPQ as that much of an improvement over the P99. The P99 grip was designed by Cesare Morini, an Italian Olympic pistol grip designer, and the trigger in SA is exactly the same as the PPQ, but lighter.

It is almost amazing how all the guys talking about how great and new the PPQ trigger and grip are, don't realize the P99 has been out for 15 years.
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Also realize that the guys who owned the P99 for years and years before the PPQ came out have been asking for many more useful versions of the P99 than the QA and DAO models.

Many people at the time thought that this new PPQ was just going to be another QA. I am very happy that they used the P99 trigger group on the PPQ rather than trying to improve the QA's.
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I'm not embarrased to say that I wasn't all that enthusiastic when the PPQ was announced. It looked to be a warmed-over P99 at first blush. And it still is, to some degree, though it has a great trigger and a nice grip and overall design/appearance. It's a nice pistol; glad I've got two. Still won't carry one, though.
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Originally Posted by jlavallee View Post
Anything is possible. After seeing the mess they made of the PPS and this latest PPQ POS, nothing would surprise me. Probably some air gun retard from Umarex giving them "expert" corporate advice.

I'll buy up some used AS models to add to my three if they do that. I have no corporate alliance to Walther; my allegiance is to good product. Make a POS and I take my business elsewhere. The sad part is they could do good engineering and focus on improvement but instead they want to think like the others and build garbage. Want to sell me some new product? Easy, make them lighter, How about a 3.5” C front end with a full size grip? What about a long slide for competition? How about a 9mm PPS in a light weight with an AS trigger? How about a .22LR factory conversion kit?

No, they’d rather waste time with garbage like this. Others are licensing the original AS concept now and it is finally getting the exposure it deserves. Nobody has licensed the QA or DAO and nobody will license this PPQ POS I’ll wager. Walther reps don’t get it. And people wonder why businesses go under?
Gee J, I'd suggest you sell all your Walters (if you actually have any) and go by ya a Red Ryder BB gun....

I've got a PPQ and happen to think Walter did a fantastic job...may only be a P99 with a better trigger, but the trigger is what makes this's a sweetheart.
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Originally Posted by imaoldfart View Post
Gee J, I'd suggest you sell all your Walters (if you actually have any) and go by ya a Red Ryder BB gun....

Not gonna happen - rumor is that the trigger on a Red Ryder is lousy.

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