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riverbear .22
Good attitude Jimsky. My PPKS loves Remington UMC and is very reliable when using it. My only problem is the availability of the Remington UMC ammo. I just use it exclusively and when it's available I get as much as I can.

Since your gun's a range toy, just experiment and have fun.

Too bad about unable to carry in NY. Good thing there's no threats up there.

Good shooting and good luck.
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olsoul .22
Originally Posted by jimsky View Post
The gun is really nothing more than a range toy, I live in New York and the only "carry" I can do is to and from the range.

I might hit the range again this weekend. I'll try a couple of boxes of Remington UMC exclusively, if it can do that without a hitch I might be able to live with a PPK/S that is a fussy eater.
I feel the pain, my '40 7.65 Swedish Police contract PP gave me the same trials until I replaced the springs... now it eats everything.

I think sticking with the UMC for a while is a viable of luck!

These weapons are a joy to hold and shoot. When they are 100% there is nothing in the world like them! My recent '93 IA PPK is just such a weapon (and please don't pass this to the good folks on the PPQ thread), it is my current EDC whenever I'm around the house, running or biking. The Navy Q goes along for work situations.
A Mime is a terrible thing to waste
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In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine-Erwin Rommel

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halfmoonclip .22
If simple range satisfaction is what you seek, give some serious thought to tracking down some sort of .32 in the PP series; they offer fewer (essentially none) feeding problems and are blessed with a much milder recoil sensation.
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jimsky .22
I know how nice a .32 is shooting, I've recently picked up a Colt 1903 on GunBroker to round out my WW2 collection. When I took the grips off checking the gun, I was amazed what I found inscribed on the inside surface of the grip. General Jimmy Doolittle!

I'm having Colt do a archival investigation on this gun and I wrote his son a letter...neither have turned into anything yet.

I've got plenty of .32, so a Walther in this caliber might be in my future.
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cutthroat446 .22
I think I posted elsewhere- i just purchased a s&w ppk/s and put two hundred rounds through it after cleaning it. Two brands of ammo-cheapest I could find at the store I bought the gun and cheapest the range sold. No failures while shooting. Wracked the slide when it was loaded and had a round in the chamber and it bound up then- it wouldn't eject the mag or free up. Range officer helped out by pushing his finger into the opening and pushing down on the round coming up from the mag. Popped the mag loose and action freed up.

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Sector_Q .22
I've noticed in the S&W PPK/S .380:

-Excessively longer and stronger recoil spring.
-Tighter chamber.

When I re-chamber a loaded round for a few times, the casing shows more grinding marks than it ever does in my Ranger-Interarms PPK/S. New S&W magazines also have tighter springs.

With all of this observed, I then brought the gun to 100% reliability by swapping out the S&W recoil spring with the factory 20 lbs spring from a Ranger-Interarms. I also loaded only hotter JHP rounds. (+p, or Winchester Silvertip). The magazine is loaded with (6) rounds + one round in the chamber. I also removed the loaded indicator pin, as the spring for it by S&W is also tighter than what is in the Ranger-Interarms. This was only to assure against stove-piping (of ejected casings) with weaker target FMJ ammo that has lesser ability to induce proper cycling.

If there is a failure to fire (light primer strikes), understand that S&W has a lighter *hammer spring* in their version of the PPK/S to give it a better double-action trigger pull. You may then swap it for a stronger spring. However, I've never had this problem since I like to use premium ammo.



The magazine's inability to eject from the condition you mention with the S&W model is "normal". It is only an inconvenience in the actual range/practice setting you describe. In total combat consideration, it is perhaps a concern for a *tactical reload*. (If you anticipate the need for this - in a low capacity and low caliber pistol. If you plan to have spare magazines -realistically for an actual setting of threat- within immediate reach for this kind of conceal carry-model.)

For myself, I'd intend to totally or nearly empty the .380 magazine load into the attacker at the close range in which I'd deploy this kind of weapon. If/when nearly emptied of this magazine capacity, the magazine should then be easier to more aggressively "wiggle" or pull away for a tactical reload.

The magazine (in the S&W model - having a newly designed *feed ramp* angle) is alternatively having this "stuck" condition because it is now avoiding the other problem that the Ranger-Interarms commonly had - which is that in the older -steeper- feed ramp angle - the common jamming condition for this would usually include a *magazine ejection*. This is caused by the failed feeding of the top round in a fully-loaded magazine, which then has its back-end (case rim side) "knocking down" the next round in the magazine so that it reversibly engages the inside of the *magazine release button*. The magazine then ejects.

This doesn't happen with the S&W design, as I've seen so far. The trade off now - is the loaded magazine's sustained placement, as you've seen.

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Jack19 .22
Jimsky, I have read every post in the, now, 14 pages of this thread.

You, sir, have the patience of a Saint. I'd have been rattling the cages of people waaaay beyond the customer service department by now.

Just an FYI, Adam Blalock is the CEO of Walther Arms and Umarex USA.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

—Malcolm S. Forbes.

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jimsky .22
Well this might be the last installment on my "The PPK/S that couldn't shoot" saga...

Just returned from the range. I shot two boxes (100 rounds) of Remington UMC 95g FMJ. Not a single problem, 100 rounds down range without a hitch. Pretty amazing how much better my accuracy was when I wasn't worried about the next round jamming.

I stocked up on Remington UMC, got tad bit over 1000 rounds stashed and I'll be selling the 400 rounds of Fiocchi I have on GunBroker. Thanks everyone for the guidance, suggestions and moral support helping me sort this out.

I might actually watch a Bond movie this weekend.
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jm16 .22
All three of Mine

My 22, 32 380 PPK/Ses gave me fits first times out. After some practice and 250-500 rds, they all shoot great!


ps the 22 is a bit picky on ammo
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