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GonzoGeezer 07-02-2012 03:35 PM

Just bought a TPH .22
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I hope German, Interarms import. 279922. Some staining on left side finish and roughness on grip. Complete except only one magazine. Test target is German, no date.

How can I determine DOB and confirm/deny German manufacture?


autonut 07-02-2012 04:55 PM

Interarms import alright. They were allowed the importation for "certain" law enforcement agencies and later produced the pistol in Gadsden. I think you may have an example of one of those. The serial number style indicates it's an import.

Welcome to the world of expensive 22lr TPH magazines...though the price has moderated a little. I hope you have a good one and enjoy it as much as most of us other TPH owners do.

Shot it yet?

GonzoGeezer 07-02-2012 06:41 PM

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The gun is enroute from FL to me here in PA. It will go to the range as soon as I get it in my sweaty hands! I shoot .22LR target guns (one is a SP22) and some plinking rifles so I have a lot of .22 in house to test, including mini-mags. I have read and seen on u-tube that the TPH can be finicky with ammo, so I shall find out. Earl has mags for $99, but I do not need mags that were hand-carved by German craftsmen from solid blocks of steel from melted-down Crusader swords so I will first try to find a used one. Anybody out there got one?

three more views:

autonut 07-02-2012 06:54 PM

You DO NOT need those "hand forged" mags. ANY TPH 22lr mag will be fine. You can find them on GB and even e-bay on occasion for as little as $55-$65. Don't pay $99 for one until you talk to me. I may have one I'll part with.

Mine runs with anything from standard velocity up through the Mini and Stingers. One thing to remember when you get it...it holds six and the ejector is pinned to the frame and will not lock the slide open after the last round. Count your rounds and stop at 6 or you will dry-fire. I even forget to count now and then and will DF on occasion.

It's like this....if you get a good one, you will have a good one. If you get a problem child.....well...you can figure out the rest. They are a barrel-of-fun and mine stays in my front pocket everywhere I go except the shower and I have enough spare parts to almost build two....that's how much I like it.:D

halfmoonclip 07-03-2012 03:32 PM

It's not uncommon for TPH owners to harvest one magazine for individual sale before they sell the pistol itself. Do have a look around; Earl has fine stuff, but he is mighty damn proud of it too.

As regards TPH reliability, I went thru' three hoping for a reliable one back in the day...didn't happen with the Interarms guns my dealer could find for me. I've had two since, one rough specimen that I got running, and a pristine one I still have that has never missed a beat.
Go figure.

GonzoGeezer 07-06-2012 04:16 PM

Picked up the TPH today. Range trip Monday. Stamped on the barrel mounting frame is a "76" followed by the elkhorn stamp followed by the Eagle with an N(?) beneath it. Is this then a 1976 proof date and therefore 279922 is a 1976 manufacture date?

The gun is real purdy. I"m wondering about how hot a .22 the gun will accept without possible damage. I have CCI mini-mag and Remington and Federal bulk, all rated around 1250 fps, standard CCI at 1000, and Velociter at 1400. Is Velociter too hot for this gun? Any opinions?

Finally, I am bidding on a magazine on GB. I hope nobody here starts a bidding war with me <g>.

autonut 07-06-2012 04:57 PM

Sounds like you do in fact have an Interarms WG Import. Proofed in Ulm, but not made in Germany.

I'd start with the standard velocity stuff and work my way up. I like to shoot the bulk-stuff and occasionally shoot the hotter loads. Mine digest anything, but some have reported spotty results with anything other than the CCI and hotter ammo. I happen to think in a fun-gun....shoot the least powerful and most economical round that cycles the gun. It will be easier on the movin' parts.

GonzoGeezer 07-06-2012 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by autonut (Post 193290)
Sounds like you do in fact have an Interarms WG Import. Proofed in Ulm, but not made in Germany.

Where is likely manufacturer then, Manurhin?

autonut 07-06-2012 07:40 PM

Germany could not manufacture any guns in this time frame, but they could tweak and proof guns from outsourced parts manufactured by others. I know the PP, PPK and PPK/S was manufactured in France (Manurhin). I cannot swear that the TPH was also. I think your gun (being a 76) was imported prior to the time that Interarms started production of the TPH in-country and it likely was issued to some law enforcement agency.

The term German Walther is used rather loosely. Guns proofed in Ulm during this time frame were manufactured elsewhere.

There is a fellow forum member named Alfonzo that is a very good source of information on these little pistols. Maybe he will show-up here soon.

Balogh 07-08-2012 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by GonzoGeezer (Post 193281)
Stamped on the barrel mounting frame is a "76" followed by the elkhorn stamp followed by the Eagle with an N(?) beneath it. Is this then a 1976 proof date and therefore 279922 is a 1976 manufacture date?

Yes, you can assume 1976 as the manufacture date but usually the Ulm proof marks would feature an antler of a deer... :D The eagle over N stands for the standard smokeless powder proof in Germany.

It's true that after WWII Germany wasn't allowed to produce guns like the PP or the P38 series. But in the Sixties it became possible again and Walther introduced in 1961 the TP as their first post-war design. In 1968 they presented the upgraded TPH and this model was built too exclusively at Walther until 1986 when Interarms/Ranger began the TPH production in the USA. In Germany the TPH was built until 1999.

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