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Originally Posted by Shadow Catcher View Post
After being loaded into the chamber from the top of a magazine ten times in a row ...
I have not read or heard of anyone having a problem with penetrating lubricants gun oil water or anything damaging quality American Ammo.
It's not a good idea to keep re-chambering the same bullet, but a few times IMHO won't cause a dangerous pressure because of bullet setback.
I have shot Ammo. over 25 years old that shot just as if it were just Mfg.

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We're pretty much in agrreement . . .

I cycle ammo into and out of the chamber fairly regularly - probably once a week, depending on whether I have to unload and store a gun, or change carry gun for what ever reason. Most of my carry ammo that gets chambered only gets chamberd a half dozen or so times before it ends up being shot anyway - so I really don't worry at all about the issue.

My point about oil was that modern penetrating oils are more likely do effect the ammo than the act of cycling a round into and out of a chamber, again - probably not a lot - but it is a consideration. The long and short of it is that we need to stay in practice with our duty ammo, and the best wat to accomplish that is to cycle the ammo regularly - at least annually, and not let it get archeological in our guns!

I figure if I go through three mags of Corbon DPX every six months to stay in tune with it, along with boxes and boxes of 95 FMJ, it's worth it. The added cost of 20+ rounds of DPX is under $30 per six months - heck, I spend twice that on a good bottle of Scotch, and a lot more often than every six months! What's your life worth to you?


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'Catcher, good data, and I applaud you taking the initiative and actually measuring the rounds.
And I'm not adverse to rechambering the same round several times; my EDC gets delinted and lubed every week or so; sometimes I rotate the rounds in the mag, or at least carefully examine any round that's been in and out of the chamber. If nothing else, HPs often end up distorted over time. My argument is that carry ammo, especially, should be examined carefully.
I have experienced 'push in' with my reloads, but that may be the combination of a less-agressive crimp than the factory (reloaders hate to overwork brass; it may lead to a split case after a dozen loadings....)and outside lubed lead bullets. That greasy lube makes it hard for the case to get a really good grip. OTOH, my 9mm resizing die is so aggressive that it is easy to see the base of the bullet in the case; the cartridge looks like a coke bottle. No push-in issues there...
Old-time milspec .45 rounds actually had the bullet secured with some asphaltum based product as well as a taper crimp; don't know if that is still the practice. Military stuff is engineered to be 'soldier proof' to a huge degree, and they like things to be weather-proof as well. When Browning designed the .45ACP he was way out in front of the curve with autopistols and their ammo; he may have favored a belt and suspenders.

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Originally Posted by Shadow Catcher View Post
After being loaded into the chamber from the top of a magazine ten times in a row ...
I won't argue this fine statement. What I will say is when I have racked and chambered .380 ammunition in the W. German or German or Interarms Walthers (imported) and SW Houlton (especially Houlton) I've found my live .380 rounds (chambered and ejected) to be noticeably shorter to my eye without calipers. When I stand those ejected rounds against new in box (never chambered rounds) the bullet is seated further down (a lot) than having to use a caliper to measure.

The recoil spring in a .380 modified Walther PP series is a lot stronger and whether Houlton tries to "ramp it up" in a smoother way or the original pistol design is altered to ramp up a .380 it IS POSSIBLE with CERTAIN AMMUNITION off the SHELF of a RESPECTABLE ammunition seller to have .380 rounds crushed further into their cases with chambering and unloading.

I have not ever found this to be a problem with a .32 ACP or .22 LR.

However, in the .22LR (a rimfire) you have a whole new set of problems unrelated to Center Fire.

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hello friends,
The .380 ACP has experienced widespread use in the years since its introduction. It was famously used by many German officers during World War II in the Walther PPK, as well as by Italian forces in the M1934 Beretta. However, as a service pistol round, its low power did not provide suitable penetration for combat. It did find use as a backup gun due to low recoil, and is popular in the civilian market as a personal defense round. The .380 ACP round is considered suitable for self-defense situations, and as a result, it has been a viable choice for concealed carry pistols. The combination of decent penetration in close range defense situations with light recoil has made it a viable round for those who wish to carry a small, lightweight handgun that can still provide adequate defense.
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