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jlavallee Trouble working and playing with others.
No issue with carrying in AS mode. I usually carry in DA for an extra margin of safety against a shirt getting caught up or some such thing but the gun is perfectly safe and safties are engaged as long as you don't depress the trigger.
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Grunts0331 .22
I carry mine in a kangaroo carry air Marshall holster. I can wear anything with it. De-cocked of course

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Mapornik .22
I carry mine in a shoulder holster with one in the chamber and decocked.
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Thunderbirdsport302 .22
While it's certainly and unarguably somewhat more difficult to manipulate the DA trigger compared to the SA mode, at least inattentively, negligence WILLresult in the gun going off if something is introduced into and onto the trigger during holstering.

Relying strictly on the DA to "cover your arse" is as as foolish as pointing a loaded gun at your foot and and touching the trigger.

I'd put my faith (and do) in a good holster, vigilance when holstering, and safe gun handling and etiquette over a perceived or otherwise "safety" feature.

Put 5 manual safeties on a gun, and there's going to be a goober who will pop him-herself with it.

And I'm not bagging on the DA/SA system. There are folks who like those triggers, and there are folks who prefer the same trigger from the top of the mag to the bottom. Thankfully we have the choice...Walther could be just like those Austrian Globs and give us the same gob****e trigger in the same gun with 3,785 variations and generations LOL.
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Originally Posted by Thunderbirdsport302 View Post
Relying strictly on the DA to "cover your arse" is as as foolish as pointing a loaded gun at your foot and and touching the trigger.
I don't know anyone who says they rely upon double-action in lieu of safe handling and good trigger discipline. What we're saying is anything you can add that (1) doesn't slow you down if you need the weapon yet (2) enhances safety even a little so as to (3) mitigate the all-too-common human propensity to err is a good thing.

Some people don't think they'll ever make a mistake. More power to them. Others know that the odds do not favor reliance upon that belief.
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Jay90g60 .22
SMZ ken null holster and double action condition. Great combo for me.
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Milspec .38
I carry my P99AS decocked...same with my CZ 75 P-01.
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muckaleewarrior71 .22
If my gun is holstered, it's chambered and decocked. My full size P99 sits on my nightstand not chambered. If I have to grab it and rack it, most likely it's staying in AS mode.
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searcher451 .22
I wouldn't think of carrying a P99 decocked, nor a PPQ at all. One size does not fit all.
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jsr Unproven
Matters of Degree

As someone who's about to pick up a new P99c, I've read through this thread and maybe half to two thirds of the older threads hashing (and rehashing) the DA vs AS vs SA modes with great interest. For those veterans of these wars who become frustrated at all the rehashing, be aware that new readers/new owners find the question both interesting and important.

For what it's worth (about what you've paid me), here's what I've taken away from these discussions, at least to date. Re "margin of safety," etc., it's all a matter of degree:

1. Carrying decocked/DA is safer than carrying AS.
2. Carrying AS is safer than carrying SA, and hence carrying a P99 is AS mode is safer than carrying a PPQ/Glock/etc.

The risks of carrying SA are:

1. An increased likelihood of human error, esp. in crisis situation.
2. An increased likelihood of something other than one's finger (shirt, etc.) depressing the trigger enough to fire.

AS has more of those risks than DA but fewer than SA.

Everyone has to weigh these risks on his or her own scale. As I have gotten older (alas), I have become more uncomfortable with carrying SA. Hence my forthcoming purchase of the 99c and decision, reluctantly, probably to sell a very nice VP9 and PPQ.

At least until I have the opportunity to become proficient with the DA trigger pull, I will probably carry, at least most of the time, in AS. I think the long trigger pull is a sufficient guard against the most likely risks of an unintended SA discharge. Once I gain confidence firing DA, that may well change.
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