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1917-1911M 06-30-2013 05:59 PM

Revisiting the P22 trigger bar ear problem
As everyone is aware the steel trigger bar ears can damage the underside of the zinc slide. The cure is to round the front edge of the top of each ear. Only about 1/8" of the outer ear touches the slide. The rest of the ear touches nothing.


Above is the trigger bar indentation on a 2009 slide at 15,000 rounds. On this pistol the ear was not only polished but was laid back at an angle to match the slope of the ramp under the slide. Spreading out the impact area and matching the angle sure seems to minimize metal peening here.


Above is an older slide but at appx 20,000 rounds. The damage here is being caused by the same trigger bar ear system even though the ears were rounded and polished. This pistol will probably never completely ruin the slide as the peening will likely get less and less now that a lot of metal contact has been made. But compare it to the slide above. There is no comparison. Laid back ears perform much better with regard to impact on the zinc slide.


Above is a picture of the culprit...ears nicely rounded and polished. This kept the ear from eating up the slide entirely but there is a better mod for this I think.


Profile view showing the smoothly rounded front top edge of the trigger bar ear. The important part is the edge on the top left, toward the trigger. This is where the ramp under the slide impacts the ear. So I am now going to modify these ears to match the slope under the slide. Pictures to follow in the next post. M1911

1917-1911M 06-30-2013 05:59 PM


Above is a photoshop of the ramp area under the slide. The ramp appears to me to be a 17 degree angle. The trigger bar when placed in half of the frame and placed in the fully pulled position does not stay exactly parallel with the frame on this pistol. It slants as shown appx 2% to the front. This would indicate that the top front edge of the trigger bar could be filed or ground and then polished to a 19 degree angle. Re-profiled this way, maximum bearing surface will be achieved between the zinc slide ramp and the steel trigger bar ears. This will minimize peening of the slide. The light fuzzy line is supposed to be the 19 degree cut across the face of the trigger bar ear......red slash. Something started happening with photoshop and I had no idea how to correct it. :confused:


Having a bit of luck here....turning the trigger bar upside down on a piece of emery paper here shows the slant being 20 degrees across the face of the ears. 19 degrees will be perfect and as the ears are ground down....19 degrees should appear.


Proceed carefully with your grinding on the emery paper, keep even pressure, keep a check on your progress.


The finished ears have a mirror finish....I just can't get a good picture. Remember, what is important here is the outer 1/16" or less of the ear. That is all that touches the slide. When checking the ears after firing I should see some light smudge marks along the center of the slanted ear and the mark will be in just a small distance from the outer edge of the ear. So, pay especial attention to that area. The rest of the ear doesn't touch anything but these are very small and it is easier to re-profile the entire front of each ear rather than worry about the outer edge only.


After grinding the ears down and then polishing on 2,000 grit emery you get a shiny, polished surface with a trigger bar ear slant that looks like this. Lightly break all edges on the outside and bottom front of the ears. Nothing sharp anywhere along those areas.


This is the only way I could figure out how to photo this with one hand. It does show how the new slant on the ears fits against the bottom of the slide ramps. This is how I slant and polish my ears. From the earlier photos it should be apparent this is much better than simply rounding the front edge. Hope this helps some of you smiths in completing course 101.. :) M1911

kingfhb 07-01-2013 07:22 AM

On my two P22s, one of them has what appear to be round-ish ears already (doesn't seem to have this issue), but they also seem a tad thicker than my other P22 (which seems to have this problem).

Maybe Walther is rolling out new versions that have been re-designed. I will post some pictures tonight of each compared.

1917-1911M 07-01-2013 10:31 PM

Put up some pictures. Always interested in something different from the factory. My December 2012 Q model still had sharp ears though. The real point of this thread is the slanting ear top compared to the previous rounding and polishing efforts and the difference in impact to the slide. . M1911

1917-1911M 07-02-2013 12:34 PM

You'd think Searcher would at least correct the spelling in the thread title for me. Do I have to do everything? And, if anyone knows how to get a good picture of a trigger bar ear with a cheap camera....I'm all ears. I can't get them to focus properly no matter what I do. Guess the cure for that is simple....get a better camera. :) M1911

searcher451 07-02-2013 04:08 PM

Done, though I'll wager that you were the only one who noticed it. :)

kingfhb 07-03-2013 02:43 PM

Newer P22 with rounded ears.

Older P22 with sharp ears.

I know they may be a little hard to see... blasted phone and it's crap camera.

1917-1911M 07-03-2013 06:56 PM


blasted phone and it's crap camera.[/QUOTE]

:p:p:p No, the only thing harder to capture with a camera on the P22 is a round exiting the muzzle and one hitting the 10 ring. I can't get a trigger bar ear to focus no matter what I try. A flash always makes for a difficult shot. Good light is a must. The underside of your slide is where the story is told on trigger bar ears though. M1911

Deublez 09-01-2013 03:52 PM

So, every trigger bar ear job is different... is it safe to say that judging by one of the pictures posted with the slide upside down and the trigger bar resting on the ramp the trigger bar should be parallel to the slide??? or does the bar slant following the slope of the pistol grip? this might be something I will attempt before shooting the pistol more.

1917-1911M 09-02-2013 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by Deublez (Post 291739)
So, every trigger bar ear job is different... is it safe to say that judging by one of the pictures posted with the slide upside down and the trigger bar resting on the ramp the trigger bar should be parallel to the slide??? or does the bar slant following the slope of the pistol grip? this might be something I will attempt before shooting the pistol more.

These ears are really small. I expect each set of ears looks a bit different. They certainly have changed over the years. The polishing process is the same for all though.

Looking at the two pictures of slides....one with the slanted front ears vs the one with the rounded and polished ears you can see that impact peening to the slide is much, much less with the slanted ears. Why? Possibly more metal to metal surface impact area....more efficient disconnect with the slant or both. And the impact peening shown above is with polished, rounded edge ears. I'd hate to see what the stock ears would have done to the slide.

It is interesting to note that Walther had this right back in 2002/03. I noticed this on Crete's pictures of his frame. His ears were rounded from the factory. In fact they appear to be cast. Walther dropped this trigger bar for some reason and replaced it with a stamped part. Cost savings I expect. But, still the only part of the pistol that can actually damage it when firing.

Regarding the angles....the slide is pretty easy to measure by a couple of methods. One is to actually measure the slide..another is to take a good photo of the ramp from the side. Blow that up on your screen, place some tape on the ramp at the slant of the ramp. Place a protractor on the lines to measure the angle. Next look at how the trigger bar sits in the frame after the hammer has been dropped but before the slide hits it. It appears to slant 2 degrees down at the front if I remember correctly. It is in the posts above.

If you turn the trigger bar upside down and sand off the leading face of the ears you will be very close to matching the slant of the ramp. Does it need to be perfect. Nah. Any effort is an improvement over the stock ears. M1911

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