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Talking Aol problems?

Those of you who use AOL software may be experiencing trouble registering and/or logging on. *The below post on another board regarding their "new and improved" software should explain any difficulties you may be having.

If you use AOL as your internet service provider or if you are using an AOL browser provided by AOL, please follow these instructions below!

AOL service is fine. However, there have been changes made in their browser software that makes it nearly impossible for you to login and or stay logged in to sites that require user name and password.

The problem is becoming more apparent as AOL automatically updates their software on your computer when you login to AOL.

Until AOL fixes this new bug they have created;

1. you will have to get on the internet as usual
2. and then minimize your AOL browser
3. Click on the Internet Explorer icon and use Microsoft's browser to continue with your online browsing.

The reason you are having difficulty with login and staying logged in is that the AOL browser software sends different ID numbers (proxy server numbers) when a web site requests it's ID number (cookie information) to validate that you are logged in and approved to view the next page you are trying to see.
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Another reason not to use AOL.
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I used to have aol...then I got Verizon DSL which was 1000x better until I moved out of the 'rents house and into my own place. Now I have Time Warner and it is even better than DSL was. Now I see AOL is really losing out because they have started to offer AOL for broadband users. I don't get it...if I already have broadband internet access be it cable or dsl...why do I want to pay for AOL? HAHA. It had it's day and now its past...they should just cut their losses.

EDIT: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA wow ... always one noobie to bring back the dead post. It only took 3 years. bad I was just going through the forum.
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My answer to AOL.

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A O Hell

denfoot4 - love the target!

switched to firefox...mucho better for AOL

What new gun my Dear, this old thing?
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Originally Posted by photohause View Post
A O Hell

denfoot4 - love the target!

switched to firefox...mucho better for AOL
I used AOL several years ago and to my astonishment they labeled me as a "firearm activist" during a heated election cycle. They started refusing to forward my political e-mails thru their system. Needless to say I switched. Have a great day and don't forget to vote in November.
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