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Mag maintenance

What does everyone do and use to clean your magazines? My wife and both shoot USPSA and our mags get dirty. I use Slip 2000 gun cleaner and a rag on the followers and a paintball barrel cleaner for the mag bodies. Any better ideas for the mag body?
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I don't think it matters as long as you disassemble the magazine for cleaning and are careful about wiping out the shooting residue from under the feed lips. You can't do a good job and clean the legs of the follower without taking the mag apart.

Some people like to leave the mag body dry. I lubricate the inside with a spray shot of dry wax teflon lubricant, but I have no quarrel with those who don't. I do put a self-sticking label on the mag indicating the date of its last cleaning, but that's only because I am old and feeble-minded and need such reminders, and I have a LOT of magazines.

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jlavallee Trouble working and playing with others.
I live in Nevada so in the desert having lube in your mags is a definite no-no.

Once in a while I will open up my range mags and clear them of debris. A wipe with a rag is usually all that is needed and if more is needed I will spray with some simple green or something and dry it completely.
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I usually just wipe the follower off with a clean rag. If I do take one apart I'll put a drop of oil on a patch and run it along the spring. I don't lube the inside of the tube at all.
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PPQ Magazine Cleaning Video

"Rotanimret X" made an excellent YouTube video on cleaning PPQ magazines.
I think it is posted somewhere in this forum. Here is the YouTube link:

I spent some time last week cleaning six magazines. Before I watched the video I didn't even know the mag could be disassembled.

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I disassemble the mag and use a gun cleaner (take your pick) to clean the follower, blow it off and then wash it with a little dish soap and water....when finished, I blow it off until dry. I also hit the spring and baseplate with a shot of air....inspect em' and lay em' aside. As for the mag body, well....blow er' out then run a rag through a couple of time, followed by another blowjob. Will also use a cleaner to clean off any powder residue (inside or out)...another rag job, followed by a blowjob...then, a final inspection prior to reassembly. I never used any type of lube on the mag interior, however a dry lube or powdered graphite might be a good idea.

This is not rocket science.
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Originally Posted by imaoldfart View Post
...then, a final inspection prior to reassembly. ...
A good simple test is to invert the mag body and drop the follower into it. If it doesn't fall by gravity all the way to the lips with a resounding "clink", it's encountering resistance somewhere --which needs to be addressed. Look for a rough patch or a dent, or a damaged follower, or even a racked (out-of-square) tube.

And check the spring by laying it flat on the table. Check it for kinks, or collapsed or corkscrewed (torqued) coils, rust or abnormal wear. If in doubt, replace it.

Mags that have not been used for a long time are liable to have an accumulation of oil-turned-to-varnish or sticky schmutz on the front and rear legs of the follower. If it's a steel follower, wire brush it off; Aluminum, use acetone; plastic, a bristle brush with Simple Green.


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I disassemble and use Horady one shot
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