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KBM 02-17-2014 05:08 PM

Enjoyable read on P.38 & P1
Here is a blog I ran across:

Old School Guns: Search results for P.38

Lot of facts and interesting information.

Pilotsteve 02-17-2014 09:59 PM

Very nice, KBM. Thanks for the find; it was a pretty good read indeed!


MGMike 09-30-2014 09:08 AM

He was really thrilled with the P22 and the P22Q...


Northstar 02-23-2015 10:14 PM

I will resist the temptation to buy or trade into one of those!

Gary1911A1 02-24-2015 05:47 PM

Thanks for posting.

Diver6106 02-26-2015 10:53 AM

Good read, but should have summed up with they tried to save the P.38 design one more time after the P-1 & P-4. With the P-5 as a significant change in many parts but essentially the same design. And I believe Czechoslovakia had a design based on the P.38 shortly after WWII.

gifford 04-03-2015 11:15 AM

Thoroughly enjoyed the read and the sidebars. Thanks for posting the link.

SLYPRI 04-06-2015 08:55 AM

I also really enjoyed the reading, and thanks for posting it. I own an AC 44, with an F.N. frame.

Peterson 05-28-2015 12:39 AM

Thanks for posting, that was an enjoyable read!

donp326 05-28-2015 07:32 AM


Originally Posted by Diver6106 (Post 399982)
And I believe Czechoslovakia had a design based on the P.38 shortly after WWII.

If tour talking about the CZ-46 it was made from left over parts from the Spreewerk Gottau factory and stamped 46 on the trigger guard and the Czeck Lion somewhere else.

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