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colt .22
That took time and talent to show us.Thank you for the effort and the explanations.This is all new to me,and probably to several others.We all learn everyday and my notebook is filling up fast.
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Originally Posted by Punch View Post
I like this particular type of holster...This arrangement allows the holster to ride high keeping it pretty much out of the way when sitting or driving. When the holster is fully lowered, I find that the butt of my pistol is right where my hand is. Hopefully the sequence below will be of some assistance to you.
Excellent post, Punch. I have the same style holster for my P.38 and it works perfectly, exactly as you've shown in very good pictorial above.

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Thanks for the feedback guys , especially Punch , for the excellent demonstrative pictorial. I re-read this entire thread - which I should have done before posting about my new holster ... the old saying : Never enough time to do it right , always enough time to do it over.

So , I now know that I have a drop holster of very good quality , in very good condition. I practiced with it last night , and I can understand the practical advantage of drawing from the dropped position. However , I do not intend to carry the P.38 other than at the range , and the holster is awkward and unstable if one were to walk around with the gun in dropped holster. I am sure that it was not intended to be used that way. For my practical purposes I need to be able to draw , shoot , then easily re-holster in order to reload , walk up to the target , etc. So for me the drop function is not practical. It would be quite easy to modify the holster so that it would ride high and tight with the cover flap open. Does the holster pictured have such rarity and value that I would be wrecking a really good piece of equipment by modifying it , or is it common enough that I should feel comfortable in making the change? Granted , I only have $20 in it , but I do not know how valuable it actually is. I am willing to bet that one of you fellows knows , though ...
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No not rare you can still find them and good ones too in the $40-50 range. Sometimes less.
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Punch .22
They are not rare . . . now. I have not seen one with a manufacture date later than the 1980's. Personally, I would hang on to it and get something else to carry at the range. That was part of the purpose of this thread was to show some of the possibilities out there. If you cannot find a regular holster, let me know and I will either send you one of mine or keep my eye out for one for you and send it to you.
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Swedish M/07 & Lathi Holsters

Diclaimer: THIS IS NOT FOR THE PURIST. Just an FYI for those looking for a good surplus leather holster.

Just purchased a Swedish M/07 holster off Ebay, as pictured. Note that they are advertised as fitting P.38s but were made for the 1903 FN auto. While it does fit a P.38, it will not close if you also put two magazines in the pouches. P.38 mags will fit, but stick up a couple of inches. BUT if you are looking for a good leather holster to cut the flap off and use for a belt or make into a vertical shoulder holster, they will accommodate a p.38 with a snug fit. Or you can add a hole in the tab for the flap to close it as a belt holster.

I've also purchased a Swedish Lathi holster, the P.38 is looser but fits. However the mag pouches are too small for P.38 mags.
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donp326 .22
If you want a holster that is IWB (inside the wait band) for concealment and not OWB (outside the waist band) as almost all of the holsers shown are. You can get these from Falco. The holster is Falco Model LT92. This holster is the only commercially made holster for the Walther P-1. It comes in black or brown leather and right or left handed.

Here is a link to the LT92 holster.

Pictures of my LT92

This is a repost from an earlier part of this thread.

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