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foudufootTX .22
Malfunctioning P38

My byf 43 is not behaving as i would expect and appears unsafe. I tried to upload a video but couldn’t so let me try to describe what is happening:

1. With the safety on, I can rack the slide, release, and the hammer stays in the back position. But the trigger does not reset. So when I move the safety in the fire position, the hammer falls and the trigger remains in the same position until I move the Safety back to Safe, then the trigger resets.

2. I can fire the pistol double action with the Safety on.

3. I cannot fire the pistol double action with the safety on Fire. The hammer goes back, then stops, without fully cycling. The hammer comes back down when I release the trigger.

4. With the safety on Fire, I can rack the slide, which brings the hammer back and depresses the trigger. So when I release the slide, the hammer falls.

Can you experts tell me what’s going on and how to fix it? TIA, Dan
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matthanne .22
For your descriptions:

There is a lever in the frame which drops the hammer when the safety is put in place. It sounds like that lever is not working. Adding the trigger issues in my thinking includes the sear and hammer spring strut. It could also be that the hammer spring strut is malfunctioning. Do you have spares to switch out or a good gunsmith around?

Pictures of the sear and hammer area with grips off might help. It sounds though like a P38 experienced gunsmith may be needed.
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MGMike .38
Did you just acquire this gun, or did the gun work properly before?

If the former, the internal decocking lever is completely goofed up, or was replaced without correct fitting.

If the latter, something is bent or broken.

Either way, find a gunsmith who understands Walthers. It's not a DIY job.

(I recommend Mike McClellan at M&M Gunsmithing in Alabama.)

M (no affiliation)
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