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Spadejack .22
Hello again Searcher.

Im sorry for my late answer. I went to ask some people about our P38 and where we aquired them. They told me it was bought from Germany, so i guess its not soviet. In fact, Portugl has been in NATO in 1961, so i guess we didnt bought from the soviets. What i knew was that when the colony wars started, the armed forces used the P08 Luger. It proved to be a very bad pistol to be used in Africa. So, the government choose to aquire the P38. The results were very good. Dust, mud, heavy rain, sand and the pistol always worked.
The fact is that we still use the same pistols from that time and they still work. Its true that they are a bit worned out, but still operational.
The armed forces are planing to substitute the standart pistol, and the main guns in debate are the HK USP, Glock 17/19 and the Beretta 92FS. But recently it has been considered the P99.
The recent question now is what to do with all the P38 and G# to be discarted. I've heard that the government is going to sell them to whoever wants them. Since weapon policy here is very strict, not anyone can hold and purchase a gun (9mm is off to civilians, only 6,35mm) my guess is that its going to be sold abroad.
Your portuguese is good enough
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searcher451 .22
The guns that your army is using would do very well on the general market in the USA, where the current supply of surplus P.38s and P1s has been pretty much depleted but demand is still quite high. If the guns that you are issued have NATO numbers attached to them, then you are likely equipped with the post-war models, which would make sense. I'd be interested to know what the typical serial numbers and stampings/markings are like; it would help us to get an idea of when the guns were made. Any chance that you can post a photo or two?

I still find it fascinating that the P.38 is in use; it's a good testimony to the overall design and staying power of this quality firearm.

Thanks again for that fascinating report, Spadejack. Most interesting, indeed.
Searcher 451

Μολὼν λαβέ
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Spadejack .22
Ok, i'll try to put some pictures here.
Im on vacations now, going back to the base only on the 18th September. Probably on the 19th (saturday) i'll be on duty. There, i'll take some pictures of my P38.
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Any updates to this?
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Dieter H. Marschall .22
Originally Posted by Spadejack View Post
Thanks searcher

Im portuguese and im a sargent in the Portuguese Air Force. We still use the Walther P38 since a long time, right after the second world war. It is still in operation today. Its realy good, considering its age. Its very reliable, and in rough terrain its excelent. Altough a bit heavy comparing to the new guns.

I usually participate in the Armed forces shooting tournement. We use 3 main cathegories, 9mm, 7,62mm and .22
For the 9 mm we only use the P38, everyone's use standart military P.38 distributed by the FAP (air force) or any other branch.
For the 7,62mm we use the G3.

I'll try to upload some pictures of our armed forces P38.

By the way, yesterday i bought my new P99 9mm (here .40 or .45 is forbiden) and im loving it.
Hello Spadejack,

There has always been rumours saying that some of the Manurhin P1s delivered to West Berlin police in 1963 were actually planned to be delivered to Portugal.

These P1s show a stamp on the right hand side of the slide: "crossed cannons" with a figure below. Is this stamp a Portuguese military acceptance or proof mark?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Dieter H. Marschall.
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