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Originally Posted by Marshal View Post
I recently purchased a copy of Mr. Stepan's gold edition at my last visit to Tom Whiteman's shop.
I have since read it cover to cover.
I started collecting german axis pistols in the 90's.
I changed directions in collecting, went to USMC firearms, and recently returned to axis pistols.
Mr. Stepan's work is the newest research to come out on axis pistols in decades.
I was not even aware of the "documentation" in existence on SS pistols

It's been a long time since I've gotten excited about collecting as there
has been nothing "new" until I came across this work.
It is worth buying and reading because you never know what you may stumble onto.
I am excited about obtaining a genuine documented PPK supported by an archive record. Now that is worth getting excited about.
You have certainly led a sheltered collector's life.

While I do not mean lessen Mr. Stepan's accomplishments, the original archival research on this topic was completed and published several years prior to the publishing of his book by the noted German collectors and researchers Dieter Marschall and Joachim Görtz. These men located, cited and published the RSHA arsenal inventory documentation from German archives. In turn, this information was soon elaborated upon by members of the National Automatic Pistol Collectors Association who first connected the archival information with the actual physical characteristics of the RSHA pistols in members' collections. These physical characteristics as described in Stepan's book had never been associated with the guns listed in the Marschall/Görtz book until their work.

It remained for Mr. Stepan to re-publish the Marschall/Gortz book but with the ultimate benefit of including all the documentation discovered and identified by Görtz and Marschall that was also available in the US National Archives. And Mr. Stepan has included his voluminous RSHA pistol data base information for the benefit of collectors.

Others of us have contributed in other small ways by providing information/articles on the aspects of the RSHA weapon documentation.
Joe W.

"This hobby is a continuing education"
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Anyone who might be considering the wisdom of adding the Black Book to their library would do well to read two forewords graciously provided by two of the world's foremost authors and researchers of the Walther PP/PPK.

They are John P. Pearson and Dieter H. Marschall.

First John Pearson:
"Steve has found documentation of more than 1,000 additional pistols, which are listed by exact serial number in this book. He also presents copies of some of the actual German documents that he found in his research. Steve has also made available for the first time photos of actual SS inventory cards which were used to identify the guns listed in the Red Booklet. In this book he has also provided corrections for errors and omissions which were discovered in the Red Booklet.

I can tell readers that this book contains new information about the use of Walther PPK pistols within the SS, and that this new data should be in the library of all German gun collectors."

Dieter Marschall:
"...Steve has obviously contracted the "research virus" and decided to do some further research, which took even more time and effort. Whereas Joachim's and my "Red Booklet" was more or less a by-product of other projects, Steve here concentrates on this matter and corresponding research.

Not surprisingly, the result of this work is no longer a booklet, but an important book with new and valuable information for collectors and researchers.

I am sure Joachim would have been proud to see his work carried on and extended. So am I."
Steve Stepan
Author of "SS Walther PP/PPK Identification & Documents"
Available on Ebay
Certificates of Authenticty available for SS Issued and rare PP/PPKs

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SS PP and PPk book

Price? Where can I get it?
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$35.00 plus $4.00 S&H from me.
Send a check to:
Steve Stepan
Box 261
Ely, Minnesota
Steve Stepan
Author of "SS Walther PP/PPK Identification & Documents"
Available on Ebay
Certificates of Authenticty available for SS Issued and rare PP/PPKs
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The cheapest I have been able to find that Hoffschmidt (Know Your P-38) book for is $32.00!!!!!
That is for a 77 page paperback manual. I think when I bought it back in 2007 it cost me all of $10.95.

Just a heads-up, but there are a LOT of videos on YouTube SHOWING the disassembly of the P-38 and other classics. Might want to look at them for free before getting hosed for a book. But books like Buxton's works are awesome as well as collectors items. They are out of print. So expect to pay big $$$ for them.

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