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Ekjunge 12-12-2015 04:45 PM

New and improved!!!! Complete takedown for the Walther CCP
I finally did it! I improved my field strip video, and I have a COMPLETE TEARDOWN of the Walther CCP rear assembly and trigger assembly

The video is here: http://youtu.be/3063bymUELk

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Ekjunge 12-13-2015 08:25 PM

There is a spring on the front of the Slide release that I did not realize was there!!!

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dkalbach 12-18-2015 06:50 PM

Thank you for the great post and video.

I just completed my tear down and polishing to try and correct my sticky trigger. I must say however I was not successful as of yet. I just wanted to share my results and experience for others. Dis-assembly was exactly as described, in fact the whole video was fantastic. However once I re-assembled the gun and began checking the trigger action, it was actually worse than before. I sanded where instructed and polished everything. I also sprayed Rem DriLube during re-assembly. Once completed I checked the trigger and the roller would actually stick more frequently (progressing worse) - something like the 10th pull, then the 8th, the 5th, the 3rd.... So out of fear I abandoned the DriLube and tried some G96 Gun Treatment (lube/cleaner/protectant). This immediately made the gun better, and released the cam roller. I'm now planning on working the original sticky trigger method, substituting the Rem DriLube for the G96. I'll let everyone know how it turns out. Currently I can still feel sticking, but I think its beginning to improve. I think the rubbing is still there, but I believe all the components are much smoother.... As I said I will post again in a few days.

Back to the post...

While sanding, cleaning and polishing I had to get some of the polish out of the cam groove, I used the ejector and a fine cloth to do this. Afterwards I slid the ejector along the slot in the cam, noting that it was really smooth. However if you get just a hair off (cant) you will feel rubbing which feels an awful lot like the sticky trigger feel. So I wonder if maybe sanding out the sides of the slot would have been a good idea. I focused on the poorly cut areas on the ejector (looks like it was cut with a pattern punch) when I did my sanding. The parts all look fantastic, so I dont think I missed anything, but perhaps. Anyway this makes me wonder if the cam alignment could be an issue with these guns. If anyone decides to do this teardown, I would really like to hear what you noticed and felt when you slide the ejector through the cam slot.

Lastly, I noticed the spring on the trigger rail sits at an angle as the rail slides along it. If I put my finger nail between the spring cap, and the rail the movement was a little cleaner. If taken apart again I would polish the underside of the trigger rail as well.

All in all, great video. While I am fairly mechanically inclined, I dont think I would have attempted this without seeing this first. So great job! I will keep working the lube, and working the trigger hoping to someday have that Butter Smooth pull.

-- Dave

Ekjunge 12-18-2015 09:45 PM

Are yu talking about the connector bar that runs along the right side of the magazine well? Yes, I polished the poo out of that one.. I even took a bit of 800 grit sandpaper to get it smooth first.

The nice thing is that after you have removed the assembly about four or five times. it isn't even scary anymore.. I had to remove both the front and back assemblies to replace the spring on the slide release and it took me perhaps five or ten minutes to pull the pins, pull the assemblies, drop in a spring and put everything back together..

But thanks for the compliments. My next project is to take the spare set of sights that I bought and add Tritium inserts.

bobloch1 01-10-2016 12:02 PM


BOB BLOCH [email protected]

bobloch1 01-10-2016 12:09 PM

LUBE ???

Originally Posted by Ekjunge (Post 449794)
There is a spring on the front of the Slide release ...

What lube did u use on reassembly ???? great video thanks

Ekjunge 01-11-2016 06:34 AM

Right now I use the Remington Dry lube. While I was assembling the rear trigger assembly I did not use any lube while putting it together. I only use a little when cleaning. On the barrel, I use a light coat of red marine grease. Just something to go between the barrel and spring, but it is an EXTREMELY thin coat. You should not get any accumulation when moving the slide.

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Pulicords 02-07-2016 12:11 AM

Thanks for the instructional video. Without it, I doubt I'd have gotten my CCP back together after the first time shooting. Unfortunately, although I thought things were in place, now it seems that may not be the situation. I've put some more rounds through the pistol and noticed that I've had some pretty regular failures to go to slide lock after the last round in the magazine has been fired. This happened during the first go-round, but with hotter ammo (+P 124 grain Federal HST), the issue seemed to be abated.

After shooting about a hundred rounds of various ammo over the last couple of days, the slide-lock issue has reappeared. Frustrating, but when I attempted to take down the pistol for cleaning today (while using your video as a guide), I noticed something else: My locking catch tab (?) seems very different from yours and others I've seen pics of! Did I break something, lose a piece, or is it because this is just a more recent version (13,XXX serial number) of the CCP?


My wife really likes the grip on this pistol, but I'm very disappointed in the reliability issues and overly complex takedown procedures. My takedown tool is all beat up and I'm thinking I'll need to replace that soon, no matter what. :mad:

Mapornik 02-07-2016 07:18 AM

Missing part
You seme to be mis sing the locking catch hook, part 47 on the Walther parts diagram.:(

Pulicords 02-07-2016 03:12 PM

:confused: I was kinda afraid of that. Oddly, I shot it in that condition yesterday, field stripped and reassembled it. I guess I'm going to have to ship,it back for repairs. I think I'm learning to hate this pistol. :(

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