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Walther released a video of Bret Voorhees field stripping a CCP but the video doesn't really go into the kind of detail that shows that the center, silver catch must be pressed up to disengage it from the rear plate before the tool can be shoved in.

This seems simple enough and reminds me of the problem many owners have had trying to figure out how the guide rod extension is to be used on reinstalling the slide on a P22. Very easy once you understand it. But in the P22 manual exactly how to use the tool was never really shown clearly. This might be the case for the CCP. M1911
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The video makes it look very easy. The provided tool's tab is too short and blunt to easily take down the pistol. My preferred tool to use now is a toothpick with one end cut off.
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I too can't get the tool to work. Watched videos, read manual, all several times. Seems to be a theme here. The factory rep in the video makes it look easy. Resorted to small flab led screw driver and it works fine. I wrote a question on Walther CCP sight. Hope to get a response and I will share if they have a magic process. Love the gun but I hope Walther's reputation for great customer service will prevail and they redesign the tool or explain procedure better. I know that all of us can't be dummies. Let's see how they fix this issue
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CCP takedown tool, not so good. Help us Walther designers

Help us Walther, like your reputation suggests

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Once you see how the rear catch comes off it should be a bit easier to make some kind of tool work. The rear catch is shaped like a hook and if it and the edge of the spring catch are each sharp, lifting up the catch might be difficult. I think I would polish both as one of the first things I would do. It seems that after the catch is lifted the any number of object will press the spring retainer in. And, with that....I take the lead in posts today.... woot, woot, woot......oldfart is now in second place. M1911
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I've got 200 rounds through mine. No hiccups. 175 rounds of Blazer Brass, 25 with the Civil Defense +P, 2000 fps. Same result. Takedown is tricky at first, now I can field strip and reassemble in 30-45 seconds.
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2,000 FPS from a 9mm? Wow...
"Oh, you don't like guns? You probably won't like me either, then, and I'm perfectly okay with that.."
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Smile CCP Slide Separation/Reconnection Aha Moment

Originally Posted by 1917-1911M View Post
It appears to me the little center latch has to be lifted above the top of the counter plate or you won't be able to shove anything in. I suppose the tip on the tool should be used to first press the small catch up.. then press in...sure is hard to get some good pictures of this presented here. M1911
Separation: After watching the Walther CCP Field Strip video by Bret Voorhees, I made key observations for separating and reconnecting the slide from the frame. By holding the CCP with the barrel pointed down and my thumb wrapped around the curved, upper aft part of the grip and my other four fingers over top of the slide, I exert a teensy bit of rearward pressure on the slide with my fingers (moving the slide not quite 0.1" aft). Doing so allows the 'special tool' to push the striker forward VERY easily once the little silver latch is disengaged with upward and forward pressure. At this point, the rear of the slide can easily be lifted away from the frame.

On reassembly, getting the gas piston to slide back into the cylinder beneath the recoil spring seems to be the greatest challenge. Good backlighting helps a lot, until you get lucky and it slips into the hole. Once close, a small screwdriver can help nudge it in the right direction.

Reconnection: To reconnect the slide to the frame (with the gas piston seated), ease the slide close to the frame with the rear of the slide even with the rear of the frame, resting on the hook. Then, hold the CCP as described above for slide removal (using very light downward pressure with the fingers. Using the 'special tool' pushing the silver latch up and forward will allow the tool to slide the striker forward and the slide will easily snap down, securely into place.

Note: Discovering exactly how the slide needed to be positioned for removal and connection sucked every bit of my previous frustration out of the room. Now I could give the class and life is better. With a teensy bit of practice, you'll be an expert.
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Take down tool

I improved grip on tool by drilling 3/8" hole in golf ball and seating tool with wraps of tape to size
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