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DNS 11-27-2016 07:12 AM

Do the PPX mags fit the new Creed?
Wondered if anyone knew for sure? Thanks

imaoldfart 11-27-2016 07:22 AM

The Creed and PPX mags are interchangeable and work well with each other.

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Vandal320 11-27-2016 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by DNS (Post 650010)
if anyone knew

Per Walther they do. Also watch the video OldFart posted.

jcm822 12-03-2016 11:56 AM

One of the best things when a second version of a gun comes out, the previous and new mags fit both guns! When I bought my Creed, happy that I didn't need new mags, have 10 total now with my PPX.

bahs11 12-03-2016 12:00 PM

Good to know there's mag interchange ability--CREED looks pretty good and is certainly Priced right

wbrian 12-11-2016 04:07 PM

And, they are of course the same quality as P99 and PPX mags and cost 1/3 less. Nice.

Thunderbirdsport302 12-12-2016 04:01 PM

All made by MecGar, same as the PPQ, PPS, P99 and of course the first "generation" PPX...

POWERDOG 02-15-2017 11:09 AM

MecGar does not offer any Creed or PPX Mags

PPS1980 02-15-2017 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by POWERDOG (Post 727570)
MecGar does not offer any Creed or PPX Mags

They make them for Walther. Part of most agreements from manufacturers to sub-assembly makers is that they will exclusively provide their product to the company and not take their inside knowledge and sell direct to the consumer.

muckaleewarrior71 02-15-2017 02:48 PM

Not long ago PPX mags were going for $19.99 and since the Creed was announced they've gone up to $24.99 at CDNN Sports. I guess the demand is now back. Can't blame them.

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