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huskysizeguy99 .22
Trigger impressions/Sig P250 comparison? Holsters?

What holster are you using w/ your Creed?
I'm wondering about the Creed's trigger. Can anyone compare it to the Sig P250? Is staging necessary? I initially ignored the Creed because I think it's an ugly stepchild and it's named after a bad post grunge band. :-) But... it is a Walther, at under $300 MSRP. Considering possibility I might pick one up as a gift for my little brother. He doesn't have much shooting experience. I was going to pass on my Sig P250 to him, as I feel this DAO pistol eliminates the complexity of a DA/SA pistol, as well as being more safe than an SA striker fired pistol. But I'm actually attached to my P250 and own three caliber conversion kits for it, that would become paperweights. Thanks!

I'm a hardcore fan of the PPQ platform. I impulse bought a PPQ 45 ten months ago as a car gun, to replace an aging Glock 17. After 400 rounds, it became my EDC, replacing my beloved Sig P220 Combat .45. Always coveted classic Walther military pistols, as historical pieces, but now am REALLY impressed with Walther's 21's century game!
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I think it is a pretty nice pistol and was pleasantly surprised when mine arrived. It would be a nice, uncomplicated beginners pistol. Real nice trigger. Very easy to field strip, clean and lube. Read my review. I can't compare it to the Sig P250 having never fired one. You don't have to stage the trigger but you can. There is some take up, a wall a very wee bit of creep and then a crisp break. Very smooth and manageable. For the money you can't go wrong. (Got mine for $249 + shipping from CDNN)

I haven't bought a holster for mine. It's living in an old uncle mikes nylon holster that is attached to the back of a certain piece of furniture in the downstairs portion of my home for emergencies. I have other handguns for carry and serious range work.

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Still looking for a duty style holster if anybody has any ideas.
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