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Redcoat3340 .22
Shooter-Grade P38???

Is there a "shooter grade" P38? Or are they all "collectibles?" and therefore all of 'em command a premium price? (Or do the Nazi markings justify a higher price than the P1s?)

I've got 2 P1s (one "German" and a Manurhin-made), one P5 and one P4 and I'd like to have the original. But I don't need, nor can I afford, a $1,000 gun. Prices on Gunbroken seem to start around $800 and go north no matter what the condition. I just want one that goes bang when I pull the trigger, is in very good mechanical shape, but can be worn or mismatched. My other vintage Walthers are in very good shape but I just can't pay the freight for an original in great shape these days.

I've got a PPQ and P99compact I'm willing to part with in trade but I haven't seen anything local for a while....

What I guess I need to know is what is a fair price for these, these days.

Thanks in advance.
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donp326 .22
Check out Legacy Collectables you can get a Spreewerk CYQ for $800 or less.
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Redcat94 .22
Here are a few places that I have bought from :

Antique Firearms | Firearms online | Check Point Charlie's | Waupaca, WI
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MGMike .38
These sources are for lazy buyers with money to burn and an itch for instant gratification. Nothing against any of them, but you're going to be paying premium-plus prices.

If you're on a budget, tour pawn shops, small gun shops, local estate auctions and gun shows (wait until the last couple hours). Ask around at church socials, high school football games and tractor pulls. You can still find a very decent WWII P.38 for under $500 if you're patient. Meanwhile do some homework on what to look for.

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Metal Wonder Nine Guy .22
Honestly, I would just get one of the post WWII P38's and use that as a range gun. You'll pay half the price of a WWII P38, plus you'll basically have the same gun with a different finish on the slide and the lighter alloy frame.
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