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donp326 .22
I put white grease on the metal to metal surfaces on my P-1 and a lite oil on the springs.
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DE Pistole .22
I've just started using EWG grease again on my PPK rails and slide/frame contact points. I use a precision "Hoppe's 9 oiler" to apply a tiny drop to other moving parts on the pistol. I use a Glock bore bush with ballistol to clean the bore.
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jkv45 .22
I like Super Lube synthetic grease. It's light-weight and works well in cold temps as we tend to shoot year-round, sometimes in the single digits. Never had any issues related to slow cycling.

As with most grease, the key is not to use too much. I apply it sparingly with an Acid Brush that's typically used for plumbing and electrical flux. You just need a thin coating because it doesn't dissipate.
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MGMike .38
SuperLube grease is excellent and can be purchased in large grease-gun cartridges far more economically than the small plastic tubes found on hardware store shelves. It is clear, won't stain, and "sticky" enough to adhere well.

I am also fond of Tetra-Grease for certain applications. It has just the right consistency for springs in blind holes.

I quit using Lubriplate and white lithium grease --such as commonly used for electrical connections and car door latches after finding that, after application to small parts in guns like sears and springs, it hardened after a year or so and crumbled off. In places where it was removed, it left bright steel discolored.

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