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Markl9999 .22
P38 serial number

My father recently purchased a P38 and it looks like a ww2 Walther manufactured weapon. My question is whether anyone has been able to match up the serial number of a P38 with whoever it was issued to? I know it’s probably very difficult to do, but I’d like to try.
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LOL yeah no.
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donp326 .22
Unless you have the soldiers solbuch the answer is no.
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Absalom .22
To provide a more elaborate “no”:

Small arms in the Wehrmacht (and actually in the German military before and after) were generally unit-bound and part of a unit‘s inventory. That did not apply to officers‘ personal purchase 7.65mm pistols, but did include frontline handguns like P08 and P38. Not that many soldiers were issued those, mainly officers, NCO‘s, and some specialist other ranks. They kept the gun as long as they were with that unit. Many, probably most issued (as opposed to owned) pistols had multiple carriers throughout the war as units were merged, reorganized, reassigned etc. And there was no central registry.

So no.
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