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1917-1911M .38
My CCP is Functioning 100%

OK, here is a thread for everyone with a CCP who isn't having any issues. How should this proceed? Obviously if you aren't having any issues there won't be any to list. So...I'm thinking owners might tell us what they bought, when they bought it, what ammo they are using, how many rounds, perhaps even a list of serial numbers will add up to something.

I looked at two today and I still say this is a pistol I want. Wildbill 45, this one is for you. Forget about small cosmetic issues, forget about letting someone borrow it for a few shots who limp wristed it. If you have a dependable will know it. BTW, the slides were really smooth on the ones I looked at today. There was much more material removed from the chamber entrance than I've seen before but at least it was done neatly. The feed ramp was stock appearing.

Tell us about your pistol. I know we have some folks here who are entirely happy with their CCP or CCPs.. M1911
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Sonney .22
I don't have a problem with mine I got the stainless but rather have the all black it would have matched my other Walters. I use some junk in mine had one bad round out of 50 I like the pistol. After a couple of reassembles it goes together better.

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myindians .22
I absolutely love mine! We have put at least 900 rounds through it. We have mainly shot Freedom Munitions 115gr. CC with Federal HST 124gr. The only problems we had were my errors like putting my finger on slide or limp wristing. Besides those few errors, it has shot wonderful!

We got the solid black CCP.

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oneiron42 .22
100% NOW

Slide does not lock back with Freedom Munitions, everything else 100%. Wife loves gun and it is her EDC with HPR 124 gr JHP and as closed to 100% reliable as can be with human element involved. 315 rds no issues at all.
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FlyingCircus .22

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wildbill45 .22
Fear kills and prevents performance and confidence

I haven't personally feed at least 500 rounds
This is funny, these auto guys. When we carried S&W model 19s. 50 rounds and we carried for life.

The reason everyone expects perfection to carry is fear. They fear the gun will jam, and even worse they fear clearing the jam in time. 99% of jams is easy to clear and to clear right now. Stop the fear or get a wheel gun!

Most folks don't need or train enough to be confident with autos, but think they are not up to standards without one ... the only standard for civilians is not getting dead ... period. You are not required to engage when you can escape ... cops don't get that luxury.

Love my CCP which has been 100% in shooting, but if not, I do not walk in fear of a failure. A gun with so many breakin rounds may be on the line for failure. When is too much downrange for a CCW gun, a competition gun doesn't matter, if it fails you lose, a CCW gun fails, you die. But, jams aren't failures, just a fun time to perform under stress. If I were a bad guy, I would worry about getting shot as a jam in a gunfight with a well maintained gun is NOT in their favor by any means!
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Ricktheski .22
I have been lurking here for five weeks.

Bought a CCP for my son three weeks ago. Stainless with an 80xx serial number.

I have become more concerned for his Saftey shooting it, but our experience has not resembled most of what I have read on the forum.

400 rounds later (all Blazer brass 115 gr), and there has only been two failures to eject in the last three hundred rounds. The first hundred was no fun, with a failure nearly every magazine. After a good cleaning though, it's been a good expirence.
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Old 03-26-2015, 12:26 AM   #8
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1917-1911M .38
Welcome Ricktheski, lurking time is over..... Join in the fun and keep us posted. How old is your son?.......youngster or an older youngster like the rest of us. M1911
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Ekjunge .22
I have had my stainless since Jan 24, serial WK0059xx. I have about 800 rounds through it. I have mostly shot Blazer brass 115 fmj or Winchester 115 fmj. I had about 3 FTF in the first 100 rounds, since then, nada. It has performed flawlessly since.
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griffalo .22
I picked up my CCP on 3-4-15, went to the range about a week later after disassemling and cleaning it. Fired 200 rounds through it, all different brands of ammo:

American Eagle 115 gr 1 stovepipe 50 rds
Remington UMC 115 gr 0 problems 50 rds
Monarch 115 gr 0 problems 50 rds
Blazer 115 gr 0 problems 50 rds

Haven't had a chance to get back to the range for more, but I did get some pics from after the range before I cleaned it. It gets pretty dirty, but I never had a problem with it due to that. I've attached pics of the piston, the underside of the slide, the feed ramp, the entrance of the cylinder for the piston, and looking down the striker spring channel for any signs of a hole in there. Serial # is in the 0083xx range.

Not sure what else I can tell you. Trigger is still a little rough, but it's getting better. Hoping to get back to the range this weekend and do some more shooting.

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