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1917-1911M 03-12-2015 09:58 PM

Thread Title Change...apparently G43 participation didn't work out regarding CCP issu
So, let's tell him. Politely. Thanks G43Shooter, I'm glad you have stepped into the breech to have a go at it. I'll start the ball but first will say that I don't have a CCP, have never fired one, don't own a striker fired firearm. I have a Smith PPK/S, about 5 P22s, a '69 PP in .32 and a '94 IA PPK/S in .380. But....I have had my grubby paws on a PPS, PPQ, P99c, PK380, fired one of the new cast zinc PPK/S in .22 and any other Walther I can find for sale around here. Walther products aren't plentiful in these parts. In any event I'd appreciate any help you can get across to the bean counters regarding where they have fallen short. I was sure pulling for this pistol to function properly.

So my information comes from everything I can find on the net regarding function of the pistol. I have been able to hold two, one belonging to a gun shop salesman and one new one for sale in a local gun shop.

Reliability....the pistol is not reliable. I'm sure Glen and crew are seeing more issues than are being reported here and I expect Walther knows exactly where this pistol presently sits. Since this pistol is designed and marketed for self defense....it must be very, very reliable. That counts before ergonomics, sights, trigger, capacity or costs are considered. If it has stoppages...it does not qualify as a self defense pistol.

Apparently the drop safety is dropping out of position causing the slide to lock on some of these pistols. That must not happen. Whatever is causing it must be identified and corrected. I have no idea what corrective measures would be required.

The striker spring seems to be getting replaced routinely on the pistols that go in for service. We have had one member whose striker spring became bound inside the rear of the striker while a piece was somehow chopped off. So, whatever is going on with the spring needs to be resolved.

Some, including on-line reviews have reported the trigger not resetting. If the slide is dismounted and reinstalled, the trigger seems to reset until the next time this issue arises. I have no idea what is going on to cause this.

Several people have reported premature slide locks. We have not been able to determine what is causing this. The shooters have carefully fired their CCPs being certain that their hands aren't in contact with the stop arm.

The above ruin the pistol for self defense as far as I'm concerned. Now the items that fall into the aggravating, would not have expected that on a Walther pistol.

Ugly after production work on the feed ramp and chamber entrance. I've seen this before. Walther got it right on the P22 but it took a number of years. Someone has been grinding on these parts. Feeding should have been perfected with the original machining.

Finish scratch marks on the outer chamber area. These aren't damaging the metal but they look ugly....it appears whatever is being used to seat the barrel in the frame boss doesn't fit properly. I've never seen this on any other firearms and especially a Walther.

Complicated take down. I don't know what to say here except a lot of other pistols don't go through such a complicated procedure. Heck, even other Walther polymer pistols field strip without drama. Some one needs to go back to the drawing board. The rear roll pin tasked with holding the striker spring in place seems a bit light nor well retained in the slide.

Striker channel cut for the ejector. The left side of the striker channel was apparently milled to provide clearance for the ejector. As you probably know this milling process cut through into the striker channel. That in itself need not be too bad of an issue but it goes to the heart of what seems to be lacking in the early manufacturing process. The fact that several owners have found thin slivers to steel barely attached to the edge of the channel seems to indicate this was a last minute change and one that received little or no inspection. This should not have occurred. I expect the cut in and of itself is not a deal breaker...but a half finished process makes some wonder what other surprises are in store.

Finally, what is with that aggravating cycling notch caused apparently by the drop safety disengaging from the cocked striker? I've never felt anything like it.

Add all of this together and this pistol isn't ready for prime time but I'm not sure it couldn't be put right if the bean counters get out of the way and the designers and engineers spent more time with it. I think a hold needs to put on production until those issues and any others showing up are thoroughly resolved.

Now if you guys would like to send me one for test and evaluation.....I'll be glad to furnish my FFL holder address. :) Other than that.....I'm not sure I'm in the market for this pistol until some changer are made. But, that new P99c is looking pretty good right now.

The CCP sure is a concept that I think would sell second only to the P22 perhaps. I was sure pulling for it but can't accept an unreliable pistol for self defense. So, when does my T&E get here? Thanks for coming along

Seriously, I appreciate your listening G43Shooter. Hope you are pretty far up the line with Walther.....gonna take a lot to beat back those bean counters and get this pistol right. :) M1911

wildbill45 03-12-2015 10:58 PM

Dear Mr. Deger,

I come from a different position, as my two CCPs run like a Rolls. Since everyone is guessing how many issue laden CCPs there are, are there any specs as to the number of released guns vs. returned guns. I think it is the other way around, as there are more folks with issues that hover the forums than happy shooters of the CCP.

Who is correct?

Sonney 03-13-2015 07:43 AM

I just got the stainless and put 50 rounds in it. It failed to stay open after the last round it happen only once. It fail to fire one bullet probable the ammo fault. Other than that it was fine I think the pistol will be just fine after it get broke in a little. Now cleaning on the other hand I have 3 other Walters and I can take them down clean them and put them back together and fire them in the time it takes to clean the pistol.

What I think is the miss understanding people think that this is a range gun. It is a carry gun so how many times after you set the sites and are happy with what you see on the target will you actually be shooting this pistol.

I got it for my wife due to the low recoil and soft spring. It has what I wanted a good 9mm that fits the hand that the wife can use when needed. I am sure that one day I will fine a cleaner burning ammo that I can put threw this pistol.

Now all of this being said I probable clean the pistol too much after every range time it get broke down and cleaned. Is the necessary don't know it is just what I do.


Ekjunge 03-13-2015 07:54 AM

I am generally happy with my CCP. I have had about 800 rounds through mine and it currently serves as my EDC gun.

What I love: The ergonomics are fantastic. It is the most comfortable gun to shoot that I have ever had-especially in 9mm. The accuracy is fantastic, despite criticisms, the firearm is thin enough that I don't even notice it on my hip.

What I hate: I am disappointed that I had to put 300-400 rounds through it to get the grit off of the trigger. It should have come with a better polish, and a better reset. I get that since this is a carry gun, putting the PPQ trigger was not the right call. I am okay with that. But just a bit more feedback from the trigger would be great, and a more consistent trigger pull weight (it pulls differently when you pull fast, versus slow) would be better.

I am disappointed in the finish of the gun. There are grind marks on the inside of the slide. I have the SS version, so I cannot complain of the ceracoating overspray, but the nagging comments about the striker channel, the roll pins, tooling on the barrell. It just irritates me.

Things that I would like to see walther address but take a back seat to everything else: I am reading somewhere that the newer serial numbers of the SS version come with a stainless barrell? Is that true? The original SS versions have a SS slide with a blued barrell. Takedown tool- make it T shaped, so you can jamb the tool in your palm and still grab the slide- that way you don't need a third hand to take down the gun. Magazines- get extra mags out to the public. Night sights- man does this gun need them. There is nothing available for it. Walther should lead the way and offer factory night sights..

My hope is that Walther will make the early adopters right by either offering upgrades for free or reduced price. New slides with improved manufacturing, SS barrels (if that is really a thing) and improved triggers. If you would tell me that Walther has fixed all of these issues, then I would drop another $450 on a new one- right now- this minute. Even though I am still very happy with my current handgun. Overall I have no issues that make me doubt my current gun ( I must have gotten an "good" one). But -and here is the real issue- Walther has to change the general perception of this model in order for it to be successful.

Oh and move final assembly to Ulm so that it gets the Antler proof stamp so that people shut up about it... Good lord...

Mapornik 03-13-2015 08:31 AM

Well mine ran like Wild Bill's until...
I loved this gun so much I bought two. One for my best buddy and the other for yours truly. Loved the appearance, hold, accuracy. Looking forward to replace my trusty PPS with CCP. Then after three range outings, the slide got stuck after firing the last bullet. Could not make slide move. Then I depressed the firing pin safety and it flew out of the gun. It was sent to Walther and it came back with a new roll pin. Will have to revisit to see if the issue resolved. Two hundred shots later, still working. However the slide lock related to the firing pin safety is occurring to others. Hope you can fix the CCP problems. I would buy another one also if you do. Today I purchased the 416 D. still a Walther fan. but you need to do your part.

searcher451 03-13-2015 09:41 AM

Let's not lose track of the posts in this long-running thread ...


... and it's nice to have G43 with us.

1917-1911M 03-13-2015 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by Sonney (Post 403114)
What I think is the miss understanding people think that this is a range gun. It is a carry gun so how many times after you set the sites and are happy with what you see on the target will you actually be shooting this pistol.

Sonney, not to take the subject of this thread off tangent but most people train, train, train with a self defense pistol. Ammo varieties need to be tested, any self defense semi auto needs to be fired a minimum of 200 to 500 rounds with no issues. Wildbill45 shoots his two on a regular basis and has commented that many CC owners are entirely not prepared for a self defense situation. I agree. The whole self defense with a firearm scenario needs to be well though out mentally before you pull a firearm and I and others recommend regular training. When a situation arises where you need your self defense firearm....everything you do needs to be second nature. So, a self defense pistol should be fired and cleaned regularly. I know police officers that clean their pistol every day whether fired or not. You want no surprises when your life is on the line. M1911

Ekjunge 03-13-2015 11:20 AM

Now's your chance-Walther rep and Member G43Shooter wants to hear CCP issues.
And here is the thing to remember. I used to teach High School Chemistry. I had a principal who kept driving home the statement "Perception drives reality". His statement applies to this situation. It doesn't matter if the CCP is the most accurate or most reliable handgun on the market. If it gets a bad rap for reliability, it won't be successful.

Just like the fact that the ULM proof is coated with magic fairy dust which magically makes a firearm more reliable. Does it, really? No, but the perception is that firearms which come out of the ULM factory are far superior to those coming out of Arnsberg.

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Zebra 03-13-2015 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by Ekjunge (Post 403151)
It doesn't matter if the CCP is the most accurate or most reliable handgun on the market.

But is it? :rolleyes:

Ekjunge 03-13-2015 01:33 PM

That's my point. If Walther could snap their fingers and make it so within a week, where every CCP went out with zero flaws. It would still take a year to get the bad taste out of people's mouths.

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