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All three new CCP-M2s I have owned "Finicky" about Ammo brand.

I selected and purchased the CCP-M2 over seven other respected 9mm personal carry pistols I had reviewed and test fired. It's accuracy let me score maximum score for my concealed carry license. The CCP-M2 was jamming repeatedly 1 in 10 rounds. After 350 rounds or so, the pistol was certainly not "breaking-in." I was using brand-name Remington and Winchester, 9mm, Luger 115-Gr. FMJ ammo.

Walther USA exchanged it for a new CCP-M2. The new M2 was happy shooting the aforementioned range ammo. Since I was ready to carry, I purchased Remington 124-Gr. JHPs and Federal Hydra-schok 135-Gr.JHPs to try at the range. It seemed he CCP was now jamming 1 in 5 rounds using hollow points.

After a discussion with Walther USA, they sent me another new CCP-M2. It fired flawlessly on ball-nosed range ammo, but in using up my remaining hollow point ammo. the new pistol was again jamming and failing to feed in the chamber, worse, the return stroke of the slide was momentarily hesitating to load the next round (WTH?).

The indoor range armorer told me to bring the CCP-M2 back for him to examine & test the following week. Bass Pro carried an assortment of JHPs. I bought a box each of Federal 9mm Hydra-shock 135 and 124-Gr JHPs and Hornady 9mm Luger 115-Gr.XTP JHPs.

The following week's testing by my range armorer had the whole of the new hollow points firing flawlessly, leading to the conclusion that the (all three of MY) CCP-M2s balk at Remington-made, and perhaps Winchester, 9mm Luger ball-nose and hollow-point ammo. It had no problem firing Federal and Hornady-made ammunition. Hooray.
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Makes me wonder about any change (“improvements”) Walther may have made in the past year or more. My CCP M2 was purchased in September 2018 and has flawlessly run everything down the pipe I have loaded in the mag...

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Because of the gas piston the CCP can use a weaker recoil spring. Which means there isn't the same energy for stripping the next round and chambering it that other 9mm firearms have. I'll admit up front that I don't have the knowledge to do the math on it but it seems it would be tricky to balance such a system with 115gr vs 124 gr vs 148gr vs bulk vs self defense weights and pressures. The gas port also lets more gas blow back into the rear components so the pistol would likely benefit from more frequent cleaning. But, this has kinda been the history of the pistol. Wonder what Ft Smith does with those returns. I need one cheap to fool around with..... 1917
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