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I found the video on YouTube, can't remember which one it was. Just used it to actually see it come apart so I wouldn't have any surprise springs flying off into the unknown. If you have the M2 version, you will need to keep a finger ready on the right rear side as you pull the block up and out. There is a spring for the takedown lever that is held in place by the frame wall. Other than that, it's pretty straightforward. Only 3 roll pins holding everything in and just a couple more small ones holding in the sear levers and ejector.
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It should be pretty straightforward then. I'll spend some time this weekend digging through You Tube to find a good set of vids.
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Originally Posted by Ralph G View Post
I just got a new CCP-M2 and love the ergos, and it appears as well made as the reviews claim. The trigger on mine is the worst of any gun I've fired and I've fired many in my 82 years, including several striker-fired pistols.

Maybe I expected too much, but the trigger moves rearward in 3 stages: an easy take up of 3/8", followed by another 1/8" of of stiff take up and (Finally) another 1/8" of even stiffer take up and then Bang!.

Will firing a few boxes relieve this? I rather doubt it but will accept advice of experienced CCP users. I don't want to return the pistol as Walther allows in the first 30 days, but I'd like to send it back for their inspection. It's a perfect size for concealed carry and I'm going to keep it, but if there's a happy ending re the trigger, I'd be relieved.
Thanks, Ralph
Ralph: Yes there is likely a happy ending. When I got mine it was clearly the worst trigger I have ever experienced. For five weeks I have been pulling the trigger and stopping prior to release of the striker. Over that time of 50 pulls each day the trigger has markedly improved. The thing shoots well and the poorly designed slide is fairly easy to rack. I found it so far it is a reliable shooter, but heats up during firing so I havenít fired that many rounds. It will require more testing. I have not invested in a holster or extra magazines because I am not sure I will keep it.
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