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artcarney .22
+P Ammo

Anyone shooting +P ammo through their CCP?

If so what's your favorite carry ammo? Why?


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Old 10-10-2019, 05:55 AM   #2
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Mountain Walker .22
I used standard pressure rounds only. The reason the 9mm Luger is now considered an acceptable defense round are the advances in bullet technology, not increased velocity and pressure. Increased pressure rounds increase wear on your gun and increase recoil. This is one good choice https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021550473?pid=696230

Interesting video on 9mm standard pressure loads. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q...D7EF&FORM=VIRE
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MMA10mm .22
Mountain Walker is right. If you go to Lucky Gunners ammo tests and watch, you’ll see +P penetrates just a tiny bit more (<10%), usually because the extra speed makes the mushroom “over-expand” to the point that the fingers curl back under, thus reducing the bullet’s profile. Standard pressure causes bullets to stop expanding roughly at the greatest expansion diameter, and they still penetrate “deep enough.”

As a Concealed Carry Instructor and Police Firearms Instructor and Armorer for my department, I always recommend standard-pressure ammo for every defensive firearm. The extra-pressure stuff causes more malfunctions than standard-pressure, as well as less wear and tear.

Lastly, less blast and recoil make shooting easier as well as quicker follow-up shots and less chance of blinding from muzzle flash in low light.

Personally, right now, I carry the Federal 150gr HST short-barrel load in my Sig P365 and Walther PPS.

In compact to full-size 9mms, I like the Critical Defense, Gold Dot, and HST in 124gr weight.

For “long-slide” 9mms, like a G34 or G17L, I will use +P, because the greater slide mass cools the violent recoil which causes wear and potential stoppages. The longer barrel takes advantage of the extra powder/pressure to really boost velocities, and the flash and noise is mitigated by the longer barrel too. In those handguns, I tend to like advanced-design bullets as well, such as: Lehigh XtremeDefense, Winchester Hybrid-X, and Triton Quik-Shok.
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1942bull .22
+P is an unnecessary extra expense that does not provide a significant advantage over standard pressure 9mm from a quality manufacturer. I use Winchester Train and Defend ammo for practice and carry.
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DeutschlandUberAlles .22
I like the hotter 9mm ammo.

Own over a dozen 9mm pistols, 8 are "shooters", the "mildest" ammo I range and defensive carry is 124gr/1200fps (~400 ft/lbs).

Worth noting, all of my 9s are metal, cleaned/lubed/visually inspected for excessive wear/cracking after every ~200 rounds.
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Target99 .22
This is the best chart I've ever found showing penetration and expansion for various 9mm ammunition. Personally, I use Federal 147 gr. HST in my CCP.

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Mr.Efficiency .22
I’m too simplistic. +p ammo, simply, is additional pressure and power for no reason. I love Hornady custom ammunition and use it for everything where a bullet counts. Hunting and self defense.

I use 124 grain hornady custom XTP in 9mm. The expansion of each bullet is perfect as it can be. I don’t care about anything but making as big a hole as .45 ball ammo. It does that.

I use the XTP in my .380s because of its picture perfect expansion

I use hornady critical defense XTP +p in my revolvers... because I can.

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Old 10-12-2019, 05:00 PM   #8
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artcarney .22
Moutain Walker: Thanks, that happens to be what I'm using for my defense ammo.

Thanks to all!
Glock 23 Gen 4
Glock 33 Gen 3
Walther CCP M2
Sig Sauer P220 Carry
Sig Sauer P225 A1

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