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Old 05-27-2019, 12:36 AM  
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Dido .22
CCP first impressions

I bought a new CCP M2 almost a month ago and fed it 300 rds (federal brass).
The gun is very well balanced and very ergonomic.
Shooting it at reset makes a nice and tight group, something that doesn't happen with me at long pulls. Maybe it is me, but tighter grip makes the best results. It feels like the harmonics of the gun's recoil is made to dump the mag at a target right off reset and reload.
Grip serrations on the slide are very aesthetic but they seem insufficient to my wife who can barely pull it all the way back to load.
Strangely enough, I noticed there is a certain situation in which you may end up with loaded chamber but gun not cocked. There is about 3mm of travel of the slide past the loading point to cock the firing pin.
It is nothing to be concerned of, and in a normal situation you wouldn't even notice it, but I just decided to be petty.
It heats up well when you bang out 100 rounds, but frame seems to dissipate the heat very well.
Came with 3 front sights, numbered 0,1 and 2, 1 was installed and shooting low at 7 yds. However, the ballistic curvature of the shot is very precise at 25 yds so I wonder if it is worth changing.
At night I'm blind as a bat, and sights are not helping at all. In fact the white on them is barely visible. Since you can't focus on back and front usually the front should be larger. At Walther they think you have bifocal sight so they decided to leave them generically the same size.
Other than what's mentioned, absolutely no issues and I grew fond of the conceal-ability of this gun. A notch above P365 and Ruger LC9S it makes very little print on my perfectly round beer gut.
Don't you just love ze Germans
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Old 05-27-2019, 03:50 AM  
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DukeIronHand .22
Excellent. Thank you for the report and glad your liking it.
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Old 05-27-2019, 10:04 AM  
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Jaake .22
Glad you’re happy with your CCP. I have about 2000 rounds through mine and aside from my wife having some limp wristing issues I’ve never had a problem.

My trigger has smoothed out very nicely after a couple hundred rounds and rivals the trigger on my pps, with the exception of the reset. You mention shooting off the reset, my reset is long and almost out all the way. It’s almost a single action.
The sights are ok. The white dots are deeply recessed and difficult to see in low light.

That being said it’s still a remarkable shooting pistol. Very easy in follow up shots, easy to get the gun back on target and easy to get great follow up shot placement. As far as the sights I just consider them to be “blacked out” and am ok with them.

The CCP is certainly a conundrum. When they work they are great guns, despite their flaws they are great shooters. That is when they work....
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Old 05-27-2019, 11:26 AM  
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Mandomom .22
Glad you like your CCP M2. Sweet pistol IMHO. I really like my CCP M2. I have arthritis in both hands, but I don’t have any issues racking the slide. Limp wrist is another problem, which I’m working hard to correct. Yes, it does get warm, but nothing I can’t handle. I love shooting this pistol. I had night sights installed and for me, also blind at night, really helps. It eats almost anything I put through it. We got some cheap stuff that seemed to have too much case lube still on them and it didn’t like that much. Pretty much everything else is fair game.
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Old 06-09-2019, 01:47 AM  
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Dido .22
This is true, reset is pretty much non existent on this pistol.
It is very peculiar gun to shoot and whoever said it is easy to shoot is shooting at 10 yds range. Not that it is a sniper rifle, but I noticed hard grip makes the disadvantage of the long reset more noticeable.
All that long travel distorts grouping a little bit, in my case to the right, since I tend to be more of a leftie when shooting.
Still, I like this gun for the ability to slide the rack and lower thumb safety in one single move. Not too many other pistols have similar design probably because it was thought to be useless altogether.
At the 200th round it gets unpleasantly hot, it makes you feel if the picatinny rail is for mounting something or cooling.
It definitely takes some time to get the hang of the pistol, but that is valid for any other.
Once I was familiar with the dynamics of it, it became real fun to shoot.
I am not a fan and crazy about the sights, they shouldn't have made them plastic,...
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Old 06-09-2019, 02:12 AM  
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5Wire .22
Originally Posted by Dido View Post
...At night I'm blind as a bat...
Nice review. My CCP has been fine since I first got it. Heavier projectiles and dry or dry-lubed piston and cylinder helped a lot with the no-rails pistol getting used to itself.

My post, however, is about night vision. Mine got to the point where I didn't want to drive at night. About 10 years ago my ophthalmologist suggested I try "eye vitamins/minerals–with Lutein– for a month or two. I did and after about 30 days I began to notice improvement. I've taken a capsule a day ever since and my night vision at 76 is as good now as it ever was.

A Few:
Eye Caps
Equate Vision Formula
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