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syllepsis59 .22
Exclamation Firing Steel Cased Winchester ammo through PPX?

I was gifted 300 rounds of Winchester USA Forged Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Steel Case ammo for Christmas this year.

I am wondering if this is generally safe to put through my PPX. I've read that steel cased ammo typically has a higher rate of FTE then brass jacketed rounds do. I've also read somewhere that these rounds are more likely to damage the barrel of the gun.

Any experiences with this? I've fired only brass jacketed rounds so far. As far as I know the ammo is not returnable to the store.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Happy shooting!

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muckaleewarrior71 .22
I've heard of steel cased ammo causing issues with the PPX. I wouldn't use it. Save it for a tank that will eat it or trade it.
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ret.08sunny .22
I agree. Both my PPX's don't like steel case ammo. Couldn't tell you why. Shoot and eat brass all day long.
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MGMike .38
Brand-new USA-made Winchester? 300 rounds as a gift? Hell, I'd shoot that in a heartbeat.

That gun will never know the difference.

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Milspec .38
If there are warnings in the PPX manual on using steel case ammo I couldn't find them. Don't use ammonia based solvents though...found that note.
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syllepsis59 .22

I guess I'll have to see for myself this weekend at the range. I'm going to (try) putting 150 through it and see where I'm at. Thank you all for your responses!

Happy shooting!
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I would not do that. No steel cased ammo will go through any of my handguns!
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ed4four .22
My Makarov and Polish Px4 love steel cased ammo. Honestly doubt it would hurt anything in the gun.

That said alot of the Russian steel cased ammo for non Russian calibers seem to be under powered including .223/5.56 will not cycle in rifle length gas system, will cycle but not reliably in my carbine length gas system but works great in my SBR or Russian Saiga.
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Mudbone .22
I don't regularly run steel cased stuff through anything but AK's and SKS's, but over the years I have run a good bit of it through numerous pistols, AR's, AK's and SKS's, and even an IMI Uzi, with only one issue (an out-of-spec round of Brown Bear 9mm that stuck HARD in the chamber of a G26).
But, I also will normallly run a few mags of whatever steel cased stuff I have handy, though any new 9mm pistols I might buy or trade into. Along with several other types and brands, and that's part of my normal break-in/ testing routine. I figure if it'll eat sketchy,dirty junk like Tula, it's good to go !!
Also, it's long been my understanding that the low-grade steel used in these ammo cases is actually softer than the brass used in higher quality ammo, and that it isn't any concern at all. People hear "steel" and all of a sudden they're thinking it's hardened 1095 cro-van or D2 tool steel.
I believe the bi-metal construction of these projectiles ( more abrasive in the bore) may be a larger concern, with extended use.

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No steel in anything I own. My opinion only.
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