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3djedi .22
PPS vs Shield vs. XDS9

Does anybody have experience with all 3? Or maybe 2 of them? I am deliberating about which one to get for summer carry. I love my walther PPQ and I have the m2, and the m2 navy. I would like to "keep it in the family" with the PPS but my only concern is A) the price and availability of mags, and B) aftermarket accessories. You can walk into most LGS's and find M&P and XD stuff no prob. I always have to special order stuff for my ppq. Really, the only thing I need for this little gun is a good OWB and IWB holster and some night sights. Shouldn't be to much of an order for the PPS, right?

I know this is a walther forum but I would love to hear your experiences with the pps, xds-9, and the shield.......(I only want the 9mm versions)
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I Had a Shield9 and have a PPS in 9mm. This is what I posted in another thread about the two. YMMV...

"Being left handed, The Shield 9 did not work out for me. The short mag release sent the mag flying 3 draws out of 10 from any of the 3 holsters I had for it. At that point I knew I needed a pistol that this could never happen. The PPS was a no brainer. Mine is a 2013 model (BD) and I added SX Big Dot sights and I have not had a single malfunction in about 300 rounds so far. I loved the Shield. It just did not work out for me. I am very happy with my PPS and feel I can trust it 100% and that in its self is the way I feel you should feel about your carry gun.."
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Matt77 .22
Here is a video comparing the PPS vs shield http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=M6I6p5DHFcI

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British Agent .22
I own a PPS, shot the Shield (w/ APEX), and have held the XDs.

The PPS and XDs feel very similar. Were it not for the grip texture and safety, they'd be pretty hard to tell apart in your hand if your eyes are closed.

The Shield's grip feels nicer than the XDs or PPS. I think the PPS has the best trigger, even with the Apex in the Shield. Not sure how bad the stock Shield trigger is, or how good the XDs trigger is. The Shield and PPS (and probably the XDs) shoot pretty much like the same gun. I mean S&W and Springfield basically copied the PPS in making those pistols.

The PPS's striker indicator is the selling point for me. No Glock leg.

I'm sure you can't go wrong with any of the three. Just pick which features you prefer.

EDIT: Upon further research, adding a trigger kit to the Shield allows you to toy with the weight and length/reset, it could've just been a poorly done one that I tried.
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//' British Agent

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Stratajema .22
I own the PPS and Shield. The PPS is a much higher quality gun, if that is important to you. The PPS is worth the extra $100 or so. PPS magazines might cost more than Shield magazines but the PPS magazines have visibly better quality.

Think of the PPS as an Audi, and think of the Shield as a Chevy. IMHO, the quality control (not design) of the Shield is appalling to the trained eye.

Some of my Shield complaints:

shield is sent back today

Shield Recoil Assembly (Update)

Shield Magazine Design

Some of the XDS 45s and 9MMs suffer from hanging out of battery with a round chambered. This has been discussed at length on xdtalk.com. Some of the guns exhibit the problem while others do not.

I also want to mention that the stock white-dot sights on the PPS are much bigger and brighter than the Shield's stock sights.

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Nutty4Guns .22
I've got a Shield and a PPS. It's hard for me to say which I like better. They both feel great in my hand and are very accurate. I shoot the Shield slightly better for some reason, but I had to install the Apex kit in the Shield to get the trigger to be comparable to the PPS. I also don't care for the manual safety on the Shield. If I had to pick just one, I would probably keep the Shield; due to the availability of mags and accessories and the fact that I shoot slightly better with it.
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Fat_B23 .22
I have a shield and love it. Since I don't have much experience with the pps, it's hard to comment past what I've observed just holding one and testing the trigger in my LGS. The XDS9 is a quality gun but feels very blocky with aggressive grip when compared to the shield. Not that big of a deal but the shield feels smaller and more comfortable to hold. The XDS is a quality firearm with a nice trigger but I can't justify the extra $100+ price tag. Until I want to put nice sights on the shield which quickly evaporate the price difference.
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ScotchMan .22
Lol @ "Glock Leg". I'm keeping that one. British Agent speaks truth about the striker indicator though. It is one of the best features of the PPS. The other that hasn't been mentioned yet is the mag release. The Walther has the correct paddle, the other two have the unfortunate button. You have to shift your grip to hit the button, and they can be activated while you are carrying.

The one thing the others have going is they fit 7 rounds in their flush-fitting mags while the PPS holds 6. The XDs and PPS have identical dimensions, the Shield is 0.2" taller. Why the XDs and PPS are identical, but the XDs holds an extra round, I am still trying to figure out. I think the answer is that the XDs is very slightly thicker based on videos I've seen.

So, if you want a manual safety, get a Shield. If you want a grip safety, get an XDs. If you want no unnecessary safeties and a striker indicator that will prevent negligent discharges (Glock leg), get a PPS. Since you have M2 PPQs, you may be used to the button mag release; that is a factor as well.
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eveled .22
I would get the PPS just for the mag release, so it is the same as on your PPQ. I think the PPS is superior to the others, but it is just an opinion. Ed
Pacem ora, para bellum.
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jqunac .22
I'm a hickok45 and PPS fan. Unfortunately he didn't include the PPS in this comparison of the Shield and the XDs but it's still a great video where he expresses his like for both but favors the XDs.

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