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Toxdoc .22

Thanks for your reply which was very helpful. I did end up purchasing the Walther PPS rather than the XDs in .45. In fact, I traded in my Paraordinance C7 (.45) for the Walther. I put 200 rounds through the PPS and had a single failure to feed at about round 30, then no problems thereafter. It's really an excellent handgun and I thank you again for your thoughts.
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Thunderbirdsport302 .22
Old thread, but, the PPS is better built, feels cleaner in the hand, has the better (for me) mag release, and, best of all, comes by way of Ulm/Do.

I can't rag on the XD-S too much, mine was reliable, but at the end of the day, the .45 just didn't give satisfaction like it should have.

Not so much the caliber, but the combination of a CC gun with small capacity. The .40 tends to be a bit snappier than the .45, but the 9mm is about perfect, more rounds in, my hand fits it very well, and it's hard to beat experience. I've had a PPS on my side coming on three years now, and that's not likely going to change. I've said it before, and I'm saying it here now...Walther, it just works.

I wouldn't be opposed to trying out another S-A gun in the future, but it would almost have to be a duty sized gun in .45, and it would be more for home defense, edc is well covered and I use what I trust. The PPS...the lives of myself and my family ride on it...what more do I really need to post?
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Eric357 .22
I like the Xds but like the PPS. The Xds is what got me looking at the PPS in the first place. My wife bought an Xds about a year and a half ago. After shooting it a few times it sparked my interest in a single stack but I wanted a .40. I started looking at the PPS for about a year before I finally caved in and bought one.

While it isn't my edc (that belongs currently to my Sig 229), it is seeing more and more carry. I really like the gun a lot. I'm actually glad the XDs didn't come in .40 or I might have not looked at the PPS.
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Originally Posted by Saiken688 View Post
I own a PPS .40 in OD Green and I do love it. ...
look for the new released mid size mag, it's a 6 rounder, my XDs in .45 ACP came with a 5 and 7 round mag though.

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Again, old thread, but went shooting the other weekend with both. Although it's not fair comparing a 9mm to a .45, the XDs just is not a lot of fun to put through more than 2 mags at a time. Self-defense? Sure, I'd be unlikely to use more than 1 mag, and I'd have no problem carrying an XDs. But, the PPS is just FUN to shoot, reliable (2 FTEs in over 700 rounds, and those when I was teaching my son to shoot - he limp-waisted), and there's just something about pulling it out and telling the guy in the next lane, "It's a Walther..."
"Nothing ruins a good war story like a good eyewitness"
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guzzi .22
Great thread! Just supports my purchase and love for my PPS in .40! I studied this thread and traded my Steyr S.40 for a PPS in .40. What a difference in carry weight and concealment. I love the accuracy and mag release, a great weapon!
Thank you forum members for offering such a great discussion! jb
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