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That's pretty interesting for sure. Especially the charts showing a capacity of seven. For my on interest I pulled out a few ppk .22 magazines, two of them were from a Mark II and authentically stamped "France" so we can date those '57 - '61 I think. Both easily held nine rounds with plenty of room to spare.
Checking two other mags from a '68 German made dural, it was pretty much the same case both held nine with ample room to spare though not as much.
Finally I loaded a new ppk magazine w/finger rest. I purchased this one from Earl within the last year I believe. I held eight rounds with almost no room to spare. You could put seven in and call it done. Maybe I'll check the PP's as well. ~J
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Don't forget.... PPK/S is actually a "PP" when it comes to grip height (mag length, therefore round count).

PPK should always be "1 less" than PP (or PPK/S)...and even this doesn't match, showing sometimes 2 less....ridiculous.

Then this...why should the "Sport" model have so few rounds ?? Should be equal or more than PP.

For PPK ,the '61 French manual says 9 count for 22LR, .....the '65 German manual says 7...and the '67 USA manual says 7.....

I brought this up in another thread last year and this was discussed including many members posting their manuals, which I cribbed. Do a search and you will likely find more threads like this.

Here's a thread I started on this topic--> Proper "Round-count" for PP/22LR mag


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