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shooter_tx .22
holster recommendations for a TPH? (ankle carry)

I know I'm looking for a needle in a haystack, for several reasons, but I'm looking for an ankle holster for my TPH.

  1. It's a TPH... small market size to begin with.
  2. It's an Interarms... so it's going to be heavier than a German-made.
  3. I'm not the biggest fan of leather, so I would prefer something in either nylon or kydex... even though I know that a custom leather rig would be the most likely way I'd acquire a holster for my TPH.

So, did I just reduce my chances of finding one to zero? Especially with that last one...

Thanks in advance.

On a somewhat-related note, is there some kind of character minimum on the Search tool?

I tried to search for "tph" and returned the following error message:
The following errors occurred with your search:
Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms
I am able to search the forum with Google, and return multiple results (200+, IIRC).
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Milspec .38
Try an Uncle Mike's Ankle Holster Small Automatic .22-.25 Caliber 8810. It's one of their Law Enforcement Series...made of nylon... http://www.officerstore.com/store/product.cfm?pID=4593

Here's another one that's sort of like it: http://acecase.com/ankle-holster-nylon.html

Here's a DeSantis Apache (062BASAZ0 WTHR TPH) from Midway: http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct...tNumber=675219


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shooter_tx .22
Thanks for the recommendations, Milspec. I will look into those...

Edit: Wow, I *really* like that Ace Case ankle holster! And thanks for finding the DeSantis Apache at Midway for a lot less than $50.

I also just realized that I neglected to show the board the research I had already done.

================================================== ====================================

Stuff I've found via forums:

Walther Forums thread: PPS for ankle carry?
More power to you guys who can use this type of holster. I didn't even like this carry mode with an original 22lr TPH and a Null ankle holster. Just not for me.
K.L. Null:

Walther Forums thread: Ankle Carry
I carry my PPK/s in a Desantis Apache. It is becoming one of my favorite carry methods. The first few time you wear it you do notice the weight. You may feel like you have a slight limp. I got uesd to it pretty quickly and now I hardly notice it is there. The holster was around $35 so it is not an expensive experiment.
DeSantis Holsters:

Walther Forums thread: Ankle Carry
I've used Galco's ankle glove for years
Galco Holsters:

Other stuff I've found:

Elite Survival Systems:
  • $40: Advanced Ankle Holster System (no direct link; must scroll down to 2nd holster; for ".25 cal. pistols including Davis, Jennings, Raven, Beretta and Walther TPH," though I don't remember any exterior dimensions of the .22 and .25 TPH being different)

Fobus Holsters:
  • $40: Ankle Holster (for "Walther PPKS/ PPK /PP," but comes up in search for TPH)

ProTech Holsters:
BullDog Cases:
  • $13: Pro Series Ankle Holster (this appears to be the exact same holster... same image, and everything... as the "ProTech" holster listed above; for "Bersa 380, Walther PPK, S&W Sigma Compact 380, TPH 22, TPH 25")

Bulls-Eye Holsters:
Skyball Mountain Holster:
  • $22: Ankle Holster ("Left Hand Ankle Holster" for "Walther PPK TPH 22 25 sz20 USA")

Non-ankle Holsters Possibly of Interest:

Gould & Goodrich:

Graham Holsters (out-of-business)


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Ken Null will have a number of interesting holsters for your TPH.

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