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No Glock for me. With me, I need a GFA for a Glock and a short frame and GFA is a no go. The other thing is that I want an DA/SA. My primary carry is a PM9. Love the DA and size and I do like the DA aspect for 'extra security' which has led me away from SF only weapons for carry.

Then I started thinking about augmentation or replacement of the Kahr and was thinking PPS. BUT, many like the carry of the P99c almost as convenient, and more ammo, and DA/SA aspects, so I started thinking this way.

The recent price dropping of the SK and the superb reputation and feel of the HK drew me in. The TROUBLE is that finding a range that has these guns is likely a non starter - hence the thread.

I do think the ABILITY to shoot the gun well without an extension is a factor. It seems that the SK MAY do this better because of the 'awesome' and customize-able HK grip. Ironically, I don't mind shooting the little PM9 with no extension, so maybe this is not a big deal.

I DO think weight is a concern, or I'd likely just go HK. But again, I have P99 mags, etc., and the P99 has a decent trigger.

So far:

HK plus side:

- Hammer fired
- Grip feel
- Its different, AND its an HK


- weight
- I have 15 rd mags already for extension
- better SA
- I like the long paddles better

Another question: Is the slide lock really easy to inadvertently hit on the HK? I use HIGH hands on the gun, and I DON'T have a PPQ for this reason. This would make the HK a no go for me.

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lshooter .22
P99c or P30sk

Wbrian, I have a CM9 that I carry sometimes. I like the trigger and accuracy of this little pistol plus the light weight.

I had a K9 that I sold about 6 months ago and we have been kicking ourself in the butt ever since selling it. I had this stupid
Idea that it was too heavy for a single stack and what do I do, I
bought a single stack Sig P225A1 that is heavier weighing in at 30 ounces empty and we do carry it sometimes. We love the SRT trigger and it's a tack driver.

We have a local gun store looking for a K9or K9 elite with night sights.

The slide locks have not been a problem for me on the H&K P30sk.

One other thing. The DA on the P99 is 9 Lbs and on the P30 V3 it's 12 lbs........very noticeable felt difference to me and so far we shoot the P99 better in DA but as I mentioned earlier we are practicing in DA with the P30 in hopes of improving our accuracy with that pistol.

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Lshooter - thanks. Yes - love the Kahr DA! WISH that Walther could duplicate that!

I think I may have JUST DQ'd the HK - handling some in a local PS - I get up against the SL pretty good with my support hand. So... Maybe that's not a go at this point. But it was not the P30 - it was the 2000 - probably not that different. In fact, I was much closer than the PPQ.

While the DA is much lighter in the Walther, the HK is MUCH smoother, and without the stacking - which to me makes it harder to get off accurate DA shots. The best of both worlds is the SIG SP 2022 - light as the Walther and smoother than a baby's butt.
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Originally Posted by Parausa View Post
P99C - no restrike capability.
False. Yes, it's striker fired, but it's DA/SA and has restrike capability.
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Pillager .22
I own both and have over analyzed which to carry to death and still can't decide.
I will list the pros of each.
Platform is time tested
Very short second pull reset
Light second pull reset
Easy sight swap
Slide release levers won't get in your way
A little more economical
Decocker allows to carry in two modes but can make you pucker

P30sk V1 light lem
Easier to rack
Softer recoil
A little more pointable
More versatile array of magazines capacity wise
Steel guide rod
Springs have more endurance
Front slide serrations
More grip change options
Buttery smooth, consistent lem trigger pull with zero grit
Hammer for safe reholster
Ambi slide lever (but very long and easy to ride by mistake)
Smoother more rounded, comfortable euro mag release on the fingers

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Same here, I own both and find they are really close with each having it's own unique pros and cons making it hard to choose a distinct favorite. One other thing to consider; the P30SK S, which allows you to carry cocked and locked, Condition 1 SA. But then you need to train with the safety - if you are comfortable with that. I find that it's not a problem for me.
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"In a gun fight... You need to take your time in a hurry."

-Wyatt Earp

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Originally Posted by Pillager View Post
Decocker allows to carry in two modes
Actually three modes...DA, SA long trigger pull, SA short trigger pull
A Mime is a terrible thing to waste
P.38 (ac 44), PPK/S, PPQ FE, P99c AS, PP (too many to count), PPQ Navy (classic), PPK, PPQ (classic)SBR, P99, PPQ 45 ACP
In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine-Erwin Rommel

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Originally Posted by Parausa View Post
safe reholstering technique and

restrike capability
Safe reholstering, unless you are LEO or military should be with your eyes watching the gun go in SLOWLY. I have never seen a need for a civilian to worry about reholstering without eyes on the entire process.

Besides a hard primer, how else does restrike help? If you are using some ammo with a hard primer that might benefit from a restrike, perhaps. Wouldn't you be better off with the next round instead of trying to hope this one will fire if you hit it again?
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I think if ALL your guns are restrike capable and you train for it, it IS an advantage - just like using a slide stop gives you a split second, and that MAY be important someday. With all the SF guns out there in classes now, everyone trains tap/rack/bang so most don't see it as an advantage.

I see lots of hate for slide stops that is irrational.

Back to the OP: The more I consider the HK quality, smooth DA, various ways to add capacity (+1, +2, +3, +5) at various lengths (like duplicating the P2000 as a P30) I like the SK, plus it is different.

I just am a little shy of the big SS and my support hand.
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Restrike is nice but you have to believe that the next strike will have better odds lighting than it did. IMO racking takes a little more time but the odds of lighting are better than hitting the failed primer again
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