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I can over look the button on the Q45 mag release because the weapon is so awesome. However the long ambi slide release make manipulating the weapon so easy that it should be a no-brainer.

Of course I am a lefty who manipulates his weapons one handed and that might explain why I love the ambi slide stop release so much.
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Yep, I'm a righty and use a two handed grip.....for me, the PPQ long levers are PERFECT. I sometimes wonder if Mr. Walther (Disney ) sent Tinkerbelle by my house to measure my hands when designing the grip for the PPQ.

I've NEVER had a problem with brushing/hitting the slide stop lever while firing the pistol. Again, MY hands/grip fit the gun. But, I can see where someone with bigger hands might run into trouble. But even THAT is fixable....change your grip....move your thumb away from the slide (1/16 to 1/8 inch)......small modification, EOP. Or, replace the M1 with a M2 or P99.

A couple of weeks ago we had a get together and I brought some PPQ's....most with lightened triggers. One of these even had a Bar-sto .357 Sig conversion. Everyone shot these pistols and NO ONE had a double tap, slide lock or oopsie (ok, 'one' oppsie). You'd think if any anomalies were going to show up, it'd be while shooting the PPQ/357, with its increase recoil/muzzle flip, but nope....it ran perfectly, other than 'one' limp wrist' FTE. And THAT was fixed with a better grip. Following this shooter, I loader up 5 and fired off 5 shots about as fast as I cared to shoot that little hand cannon......ran like a top.

Its all about technique, grip and thumb placement.
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My hands are a little beefy - I get Glock bite and have to use a GFA on my G19. I have NO problem adjusting to move my strong thumb AWAY from the controls. Learned this years ago on a SIG, and it is VERY necessary on my SP2022. What I cannot easily do is move my support hand thumb base down and away, without a geeky weird feeling. I like equal pressure on both sides with as much support as I can get - as high up as I can get. Guess I'll stick to P99s.

(CZs are VERY good in this regard also - lets you get your left hand all over the gun).

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