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sigbear .22
New P99c 9mm, Decocker ?

I bought a New P99c 9mm last week and put 100 rounds through it, and I liked the gun just fine, however, I am very uncomfortable betting my life on re-setting the gun to the SA trigger after it has been decocked.
I bought the gun because I like DA/SA in my other guns (Sig P220/P226), But to put the gun back in the SA position you just pull back the hammer and this method is very reliable.
Don't get me wrong, I do like the gun, but would like to know if anyone has ever had any issues pulling the slide back to set the SA trigger.

This is my first stricker gun, and will take some getting used to, I have to tell you that I was very impressed with the accuracy at 25' with this little gun and .

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There is really no need to cock the gun to SA mode in a crisis situation. The DA mode will work just fine and in such a situation you will never notice the heavier DA trigger pull...but all that is need is to grasp the gun with you left hand (assuming you are a rightie) place your four fingers over the top of the slide, pinky towards the front sight; your thumb will be on the backstrap just underneath the rear of the slide. Now just exert some pressure like squezzing you fist together and you will be able to exert enough force to move the slide rearward 1/4 in. which will cock the striker.
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practice practice practice... dryfire dryfire dryfire
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really the DA isn't all that bad and like the others said if you should have to use your P99 in a devensive situation you won't notice the DA trigger at all
if you should decide you have enough time to handcock your P99 just make sure that in the heat of the moment you won't cover the muzzle with your fingers while cocking the gun.....

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If you have time to cock a TDA gun before shooting you might be better off just running. I personally think you're asking for more trouble by futzing with the slide than just shooting.
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