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My P99c AS

I'm new here and I am already enjoying the forum.

About 8 months ago I walked into a local Bass Pro Shops and saw a Walther P99c AS in the glass case. I bought it that instant. I was looking for the full sized model and I didn't even know, at the time, that there was such a thing as a compact model.

Since that time I have shot almost 1,500 rounds without a single failure. My wife has shot it, my 2 12 year old sons have shot it, and my 10 year old nephew has shot it. Even when they limp wrist it it still fires, ejects, and chambers flawlessly.

I'm sure that I am boring y'all with this post as similar reports of reliability have probably been posted many times before.

I think that the AS trigger system is both the best trigger system and the most misunderstood trigger system. I am also confused by the number of Youtube videos that state that the PPQ is the improved version of the P99 when this is only partially true. It is my understanding that Walther decided to improve the P99 QA thus giving birth to the PPQ all the while keeping their hands off of the venerable P99 AS. This also further distinguished the two pistols from each other. Do I have this information correct?
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Pretty much. If you're a glock trigger lover then the PPQ is probably your gun.

One thing people ignore is that the P99 9mm is lighter than the P99 40 S&W and the PPQ is heavier still. A P99 9mm vs. a PPQ 9mm has the PPQ at nearly 4oz heavier and this is HUGE to me.

Someday Walther will get their stuff together and start building AS guns with options for even lighter metals and designs to reduce weight. Right now, only S&W seems to be serious about offering light weight versions to popular models and even they have ignored that for their M&P line. And by the same virtue, a long slide model for competition shooters would have some market promise too.

Imagine a 15oz P99c AS or a 13oz PPS AS... How freaking awesome would that be?
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A PPS AS is all I want for x-mas.
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A P99c is lighter, holds more rounds, and STILL has the AS trigger.
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Originally Posted by UniversalExports View Post
A P99c is lighter, holds more rounds, and STILL has the AS trigger.
And a P99 is only a little bit longer than the P99C....bout a half an inch and a little bit longer grip, allowing it to hold even More bullets. I've got some PPQ's and a P99C AS....I carry one of the PPQ's, cuz I can do it comfortably and it hides/conceals just fine. It really depends on the holster and where you wear it. Pick the right holster and you can carry the right gun. Although I'm not aware of any holster that will allow you to conceal effectively when going to the beach in your speedo bathing suit.
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