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The future of the P99 directly from Walther Germany

In question:
No more QA or AS triggers. The PPQ is THE REPLACEMENT for the P99. Like it or not, that's how it is.
Did you ask about the P99Q...

I asked Walther Germany, directly, about both of these.

I mentioned that the reps at the 2012 SHOT Show said the PPQ was replacing the P99, including the AS.

Here is Walther's response:

To whom you have spoken? The S&W people who [take care of] our self-defense weapons or our own people? The P99 with the AS trigger system is still in production and will not be discontinued within the next [few] years.

[No] longer in production are the Quick Action version which was replaced by the PPQ and the Double Action Only version as there is no demand on the civilian market for the DAO. The only DAO customers are law enforcement agencies but they have special needs and so each agency has [its] own version.

The P99Q is an exclusive model only for law enforcement agencies and will not be sold on the civilian market.

Best regards
Carl Walther GmbH

Hopefully this will put this P99AS discontinuation rumor to a stop for at least a few years...
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Thanks for sharing.
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That's good news. Now I'll be waiting for the next shipment to arrive some time this month if the rumors are true. Need a P99C AS to join my PPQ and PPS.
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That's good news, although I still can't figure out why the P99 is not an option in any of the on-line search engines (like Gun Genie).
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Great news for us AS guys, thanks 61.
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That will put the P99 rumor to rest . . .

. . . for approximately 72 hours.
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That's good news. I've been looking to pick up a P99AS and was getting discouraged.

I'll hold off on the FNX9 for another month.
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Good to hear indeed, especially since I'm still waiting for my p99c AS on special order for close to 3 weeks now...
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jonm61, I know you're trying to reduce confusion but I found your post confusing and had to read it a couple times to get which quotes were the 'right' ones.

You title it "...directly from Walther Germany" and then present a quote saying "No more QA or AS triggers".

You do then later present quotes you got from the Walther rep at shot show saying the P99AS will remain, apparently to rebut the initial quote which eventually suggested to me that the original quote was from some other context. But to someone like me who doesn't follow the forums regularly, a quick scan of your post appears to a cursory reading as if you are actually saying the AS is discontinued when the opposite is the case. Like I said, after rereading it I can tell that's not your intent, but the way you presented the quotes was confusing at first skim.

Not trying to *****, just letting you know one old fart was confused at first.

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Anyone know when da next batch will hit the states ?
There's a 99 with my name on it.
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